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OML: expand status reporting checks
* check GPRS state: if GPRS is enabled for the BTS but NSE, CELL or both NSVC are locked than report it as degraded * check TRX usability: use already available function to check that TRX is actually usable when reporting OML status via CTRL * fix tests linking: libbsc is using gsm48_create_mm_serv_rej() which is defined in libcommon-cs but neither libbsc itself nor tests using it are actually linked against libcommon-cs Related: OS#2486 Change-Id: I9dce1d3b0cabe149a90cfca58a3fe55f8d6a72bc
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@@ -22,10 +22,10 @@ AM_LDFLAGS = \
# Libraries
libcommon \
+ libcommon-cs \
libbsc \
libtrau \
libfilter \
- libcommon-cs \
# Programs