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stats: new trackers for lchan life duration (v2)
This patch adds two stats which track cummulative lchan lifetime by type TCH and SDCCH. These new counters will accomplish two things: 1) Provide a glanceable way to see if lchan durations look healthy. When examining a site, short-lived (<5s) and long-lived (>30s) TCH lchans are difficult to tell apart. If we only see short-lived TCH lchans, there is most likely an RF or signaling problem to investigate. This new counter will expose channel ages in the VTY output 2) Provide a more accurate count for Erlangs per site. Currently, we are basing Erlangs on active TCH channel counts per stats period. This method skews high very quickly. Each active TCH in that period translates into the full 10s of activity. This counter should improve accuracy by two orders of magnitude. Change-Id: Ie3771233ecbd4bc24a24fb22c1064a18e7b8b2b0
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