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IuCS and IuPS: add VTY config for RAB Assignment address kind
To accomodate the ip.access nano3G without having to recompile, make the RAB Assignment's Transport Layer Address IE's format configurable, in both osmo-msc and osmo-sgsn. The long term perspective is to somehow detect which address encoding a given 3G cell prefers, but for the time being just configure it globally and set each ue_conn_ctx to the global setting upon creation. Add VTY command to iu_vty.c, with args passed to iu_vty_init() to insert at an arbitrary VTY node, so that it can be used both for osmo-msc and osmo-sgsn. Add generic iu_vty_config_write() to write out the config. Call iu_vty_init() from msc_vty_init(); msc_vty_init() is in libmsc, hence linking of osmo-msc now needs libiu to come after libmsc, so move that further down. Change-Id: I93728314742b327336f3fb6de98e6457f687e1f9
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--- a/openbsc/src/osmo-msc/Makefile.am
+++ b/openbsc/src/osmo-msc/Makefile.am
@@ -37,10 +37,10 @@ osmo_msc_SOURCES = \
osmo_msc_LDADD = \
- $(top_builddir)/src/libiu/libiu.a \
$(top_builddir)/src/libmsc/libmsc.a \
$(top_builddir)/src/libvlr/libvlr.a \
$(top_builddir)/src/libcommon-cs/libcommon-cs.a \
+ $(top_builddir)/src/libiu/libiu.a \
$(top_builddir)/src/libtrau/libtrau.a \
$(top_builddir)/src/libcommon/libcommon.a \
$(top_builddir)/src/libmgcp/libmgcp.a \