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bsc_subscr_conn_fsm: Cleanly clear BSSAP conn if associated channel closed during WAIT_CC
TTCN3 BSC_Tests.TC_ms_rel_ind_does_not_cause_bssmap_reset seems to sometimes run into a race condition on the order of messages received by osmo-bsc comming from MSC and BTS. Usual (expected) scenario): BTS->BSC EST IND BSC->MSC CL3 Info BSC<-MSC CC BTS->BSC REL IND BTS<-BSC DEACT SACCH BSC->MSC ClearRequest BSC<-MSC ClearCommand BSC->MSC ClearComplete BTS<-BSC RF Chan Release BTS->BSC RF Chan Release ACK Sometimes CC message and REL IND message are received swapped (because they are sent by different components asynchronously in TTCN3). As a result, osmo-bsc was failing to go into CLEARING state and was unable to send the ClearRequest because CC was still not received. So the idea is to stay in WAIT_CC until CC is received, then check if the lchan was dropped and in that case go into clearing state. Change-Id: Id1abf5ee44c60925b478123409f26bd29006202b
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