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osmo_bsc_main.c: fix CCCH_CONF computation: use pchan_from_configHEADmaster
As can be seen from include/osmocom/bsc/gsm_data.h: - pchan_from_config - channel configuration from the VTY/config (can be changed from the VTY at runtime, should not affect the existing RSL/OML connections); - pchan_on_init - channel configuration after the OML link is established (pchan_from_config is copied here); - pchan_is - the *actual* channel configuration currently active. Since we call bootstrap_bts() during the initialization, even before establishing any OML/RSL connections, neither pchan_on_init nor pchan_is can be used. Let's use pchan_from_config instead. This change fixes the problem discovered by @mqng2 and reported together with https://gerrit.osmocom.org/c/osmo-bsc/+/15909: CCCH_CONF in System Information Type 3 does not reflect the actual channel configuration, and always indicates a single CCCH combined with SDCCH. This also misleads the lchan allocation algorithm during the MO connection establishment. Change-Id: I8f9d7aa27f24b55732a4de933bc834ed930806fd
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