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vty: fix 'codec-list' command: check all given arguments firstHEADmaster
Allocating a new list of supported codecs *before* checking the command arguments is a bad idea. The operator may simply mistype one of the codecs and will end up with a list of NULL pointers. The functions calling audio_support_to_gsm88() assume that this list always does contain valid pointers, so if a new subscriber connection gets established, or the operator simply invokes 'show running-config', osmo-bsc would crash due to NULL pointer dereference. Steps to reproduce: 1. In the VTY, do: 'en' -> 'configure terminal' -> 'msc'; 2. Configure any invalid codec list, e.g. 'codec-list Boom!'; 3. Invoke 'show running-config', boom! Let's check the input before changing the internal structures. Change-Id: I35b740a39c9cf3716d286e717486ef505bc61522 Fixes: OS#4946
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