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bssap: paging: page entire BSS for unimplemented cell id list
3GPP TS ยง 08.08 defines various types of Cell Identifier List IEs, but we only implement "entire BSS" and "one LAC". If the MSC sends a Cell Identifier List that we don't implement, it is best for interoperability to page the entire BSS and post a log message instead of rejecting the paging altogether. Apart from resource management, it is not harmful to page more than the MSC requested; if use of resources becomes an issue, the log message will guide towards the solution of providing an actually implemented Cell Identifier List IE. Upon IE length that is other than we expect, log the error, but also fall back to paging the entire BSS. Overall message length correctness has been checked earlier. The particular case observed is that a Huwaei MSC sends a LAI for Cell Identifier List (MCC+MNC in bcd, followed by a LAC), parsing of which we may want to add later. Improve logging: identify the subscriber that is being paged. Coding style: use a switch() statement to clarify flow and provide a place to add more implementations later. Add regression test bssap_test.c: fabricates BSSAP Paging messages with the two implemented Cell Identifier List IEs as well as the unimplemented LAI identifier, verify the resulting paging LAC in wrapped function and stderr. Change-Id: Ie934c5d229140a89763bf2efff86d6a3766cd351
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