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libmsc: add support for SMPP delivery receipts
If the mobile phone requests a status report via SMS, send a DELIVER_SM with esm_class = Delivery Receipt to ESME to indicate that the SMS has been already delivered to its destination. MS GSM 03.40 SMSC SMPP 3.4 ESME | | | | SMS-DELIVER | | |<----------------------------| | | GSM 04.11 RP-ACK | | |---------------------------->| | | | DELIVER-SM | | | esm_class = Delivery Receipt | | |------------------------------->| | | DELIVER-SM-RESP | | |<-------------------------------| | | | This patch implements "Appendix B. Delivery Receipt Format" as specified in the SMPP 3.4 specs. This string is conveyed in the SMS message as data, and it is only meaningful to the ESME, for logging purposes. The "submit date" and "done date" are not yet set, and other fields are just sent with dummy values, so they are left to be finished as future work. The new SMPP TLV tag TLVID_user_message_reference is added to the SMPP messages inconditionally now since this information is required by delivery-reports to associate the status-report with the original SMS. Change-Id: Ic1a9023074bfa938099377980b6aff9b262fab2a
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