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osmo_bsc_bssap.c: fix incorrect link_id assignment
Every DTAP message coming from the MSC has a header (see struct dtap_header) that contains message type, length, and link ID. The link ID indicates SAPI and channel type of a given message. In dtap_rcvmsg() we allocate a new message buffer and copy the received message into it. The old message buffer is freed by the caller then. The link ID value parsed from DTAP header is usually being stored in the control buffer of a message buffer (i.e. msgb->cb). Due to a mistake, it was stored in the old (to be freed) message, while the new (to be forwarded) message always had link_id = 0x00! This change resolves the problem with sending SMS during a voice call, when MT signalling goes through FACCH, while MO signalling goes through SACCH. Change-Id: I7675e1ce4436fad836778261ac9d446fa8f81483 Related: OS#3716
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