BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fairwaves/productionrelease 1.6.0-fw.11Kirill Zakharenko9 weeks
fairwaves/stats-workts_fsm: Properly cleanup the FSM on cleanup.Alexander Chemeris8 weeks
irefs/for/master/emerggsm_04_08_rr: block EMERGENCY SETUP when EMERGENCY CALLS are deniedPhilipp Maier3 weeks
laforge/e1BS-11: Send proprietary MRPCI message after assignment + HO completeHarald Welte3 days
masterhandover_test.c: add test case 29: TCH/F -> TCH/HNeels Hofmeyr3 days
neels/tch_f_congestionNOT FOR MERGE: handover_test.c with second TRXNeels Hofmeyr3 days
neels/vtyrefosmo-bsc main: exit on cmdline option errorNeels Hofmeyr8 weeks
osmith/rpmcontrib: integrate RPM specOliver Smith3 months
pmaier/mgwHACK: force osmo-bsc to use E1 endpointsPhilipp Maier5 days
tnt/rbsom2k: Fix invalid use of linked list when building hopping freq listSylvain Munaut3 months
1.6.1commit ea1337b4cf...Harald Welte9 days
fairwaves/1.6.0-fw.11commit dd7fd3b5c4...Kirill Zakharenko9 weeks
1.6.0-fw.10commit 998896b708...Kirill Zakharenko2 months
fairwaves/1.6.0-fw.9commit 9f50514115...Kirill Zakharenko3 months
fairwaves/1.6.0-fw.8commit bfc21b9675...Kirill Zakharenko3 months
fairwaves/1.6.0-fw.6commit bbbaf55c2d...Kirill Zakharenko3 months
fairwaves/1.6.0-fw.5commit 6b02d5df4a...Kirill Zakharenko3 months
fairwaves/1.6.0-fw.4commit f5bbe0880e...Kirill Zakharenko3 months
fairwaves/1.6.0-fw.3commit a368c759b6...Kirill Zakharenko3 months
fairwaves/1.6.0-fw.2commit a5247d871c...Kirill Zakharenko3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 dayshandover_test.c: add test case 29: TCH/F -> TCH/HHEADmasterNeels Hofmeyr2-0/+30
3 daysBS-11: Fix "CONNECT TERRESTRIAL TRAFFIC"Harald Welte1-3/+10
4 daysIntroduce support for ACC ramping during whole BTS life cyclePau Espin Pedrol5-153/+875
5 daysfix CBSP server: actually open the srv_linkNeels Hofmeyr1-3/+10
5 daysacc.c: Don't use C99 constructs, this breaks builds on Debian 8Harald Welte1-2/+6
6 daysAdd example config files for Ericsson DUG20 based BTSHarald Welte3-0/+797
6 daysIntroduce support for ACC subset rotationPau Espin Pedrol14-117/+1610
9 dayslchan_fsm: silently ignore LCHAN_EV_RLL_ERR_INDHarald Welte1-0/+8
9 daysdebian: Package E1 configuration file examplesHarald Welte1-0/+1
2020-07-20rename files acc_ramp.* -> acc.c*Pau Espin Pedrol14-15/+15