BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
laforge/dead-codeStructural reform: Get rid of osmo_bsc_sccp_conHarald Welte5 weeks
laforge/dlcxMGCP: Force-send a DLCX to all connections of before any new CRCXHarald Welte4 weeks
laforge/fsmPermit set of multiple different A5 ciphersHarald Welte4 weeks
masterHO: Add a penalty timer list to the subscriber connection entityAndreas Eversberg48 hours
neels/abisip-findabisip-find: add --interval optionNeels Hofmeyr4 weeks
neels/encryptionfix bssmap_handle_cipher_mode()'s encryption decisionNeels Hofmeyr6 weeks
neels/fairwaves_ho_orighandover: Implement proper handover procedure handling at any stage of the callIvan Kluchnikov12 days
neels/hoassociate conn with bsc subscriber where possible (TODO)Neels Hofmeyr4 days
neels/ho_with_on_change_cbassociate conn with bsc subscriber where possible (TODO)Neels Hofmeyr12 days
neels/jolly/new_handoverBS11: send MRPCI message after HANDOVER COMPLETE and ASSIGNMENT COMPLETEAndreas Eversberg8 weeks
1.1.2commit f3fb5f3ddf...Harald Welte3 months
1.1.1commit d1225f3f0c...Harald Welte3 months
1.1.0commit 9bce2bd0ec...Harald Welte3 months
1.0.1commit eab5f594b0...Neels Hofmeyr6 months
fairwaves/0.15.1-fw.4commit cf5c67033f...Ivan Kluchnikov8 months
sysmocom/iu_before_collapsecommit 8c5cd5d86d...Neels Hofmeyr10 months
neels/issue_1978commit d3d62f4d40...Neels Hofmeyr11 months
fairwaves/0.15.1-fw.3commit 0e883ba6d4...Ivan Kluchnikov11 months
fairwaves/0.15.1-fw.2commit 6984250742...Ivan Kluchnikov11 months
fairwaves/0.15.1-fw.1commit bd6784dbe8...Ivan Kluchnikov11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
48 hoursHO: Add a penalty timer list to the subscriber connection entityHEADmasterAndreas Eversberg2-0/+20
2 daysFix: meas_rep.c will only use valid DL measurement reportsAndreas Eversberg1-4/+19
4 daysHO: add queue to cache DTAP messages during handover/assignmentAndreas Eversberg2-0/+77
4 daysHO: make bts_by_arfcn_bsic() publicNeels Hofmeyr2-2/+4
4 daysHO: rename gsm_bts_neighbor() to bts_by_arfcn_bsic()Neels Hofmeyr1-14/+13
4 daysHO: Count number of free timeslot on a given BTSAndreas Eversberg2-0/+67
4 daysHO: Change debug category at handover decision: DHO -> DHODECAndreas Eversberg1-8/+8
4 daysHO: add handover algo 2 parameters; skip HO 1 if HO 2 is configuredNeels Hofmeyr3-12/+336
4 daysHO: enable handover by initializing at startup; rename init functionNeels Hofmeyr3-7/+6
4 daysHO: fix: increase the number of measurement report history to 10Andreas Eversberg2-1/+3