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HO: New improved handover algorithm
The handover algorithm selects the best cell, tries to solve congestion of cells and forces handover in case of bad radio link: Handover shall ensure that the mobile station is always on the best cell during a call. This results in best speech quality and allows a lower TX level (up-link) to save battery and reduce interference. Sometimes this is not desirable, especially if a cell with large coverage becomes congested after handover. In this situation it makes sense to balance the usage between cells to prevent congestion. If a cell is congested, one or several mobile stations need to be handovered to a different cell, even if that cell is not the best cell for these mobile station. In case that a mobile station needs to handover to prevent a loss of radio link, it makes sense to handover it to a cell that is congested afterwards. In this situation, a different mobile station on the congested target cell can be handovered to a non-congested neighbor cell, to solve or balance the congestion. Because congestion of TCH/F and TCH/H is handled individually or bad quality might require change from TCH/H to TCH/F, assignment instead of handover might be used to change the channel within the same BTS. This new algorithm handles both assigment and handover depending on the target BTS.
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