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2019-07-20Add Cell Broadcast related definitions from 3GPP TS 23.041Harald Welte1-0/+89
2019-07-20CBSP (Cell Broadcast Service Protocol; 3GPP TS 48.049) supportHarald Welte1-0/+128
2019-06-17add define for magic tmsi constantEric Wild1-0/+1
2019-06-12protocol/gsm_04_08.h: do not check if unsigned is positiveVadim Yanitskiy1-3/+3
2019-05-27rsl: Add osmocom-specific extensions to RSL channel numbers for CBCHHarald Welte1-0/+4
2019-05-24protocol/gsm_12_21.h: fix copy-pasted struct descriptionVadim Yanitskiy1-1/+1
2019-05-18Revert "Change GSM48_PDISC_* to enum type"Harald Welte1-20/+18
2019-05-17Change GSM48_PDISC_* to enum typeMax1-18/+20
2019-05-15gsm_23_003: add GSM23003_MSISDN_{MIN,MAX}_DIGITSOliver Smith1-0/+3
2019-05-13gsm0808: Introduce Osmocom extensions to announce Osmux supportPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+4
2019-05-10Add MO-FALLBACK-VALUE SGsAP IEOmar Ramadan1-0/+1
2019-04-13add OSMO_IMSI_BUF_SIZENeels Hofmeyr1-0/+3
2019-04-10Add _c versions of functions that otherwise return static buffersHarald Welte1-0/+2
2019-04-09gsm_03_40.h: define max SM-TP-UDL (User-Data-Length) valuesVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+5
2019-04-03Add _buf() functions to bypass static string buffersHarald Welte1-0/+2
2019-03-11gsm0808_utils: fix gsm48 multirate configuration generatorPhilipp Maier1-0/+14
2019-02-17gsm_08_08.h: Add constants for Channel Type in signalling modeSylvain Munaut1-0/+14
2019-02-07protocol/gsm_04_14: Fix the OPEN LOOP message typeSylvain Munaut1-1/+1
2019-02-05gsm_08_08.h: Add IEI definitions from Release 15Harald Welte1-0/+5
2019-02-05Extend gsm_04_08.h with CSFB related definitiosn form 44.018 Rel 15Harald Welte1-0/+2
2019-01-29add osmo_classmark_* APINeels Hofmeyr1-0/+16
2019-01-21gsm_23_003.h: add GSM23003_IMEI_NUM_DIGITS_NO_CHKOliver Smith1-0/+3
2019-01-14comments: update/fix three 3GPP spec referencesNeels Hofmeyr3-3/+3
2019-01-14change GSM48_CMSERV_* to enum type, add namesNeels Hofmeyr1-7/+14
2019-01-08add osmo_lu_type_names[], osmo_lu_type_name()Neels Hofmeyr1-0/+4
2019-01-04fix typo in enum BSS_MAP_MSG_TYPE: BSS_MAP_MSG_ASSIGMENT*Neels Hofmeyr1-3/+7
2018-12-19rename CELL_IDENT_LAI_AND_LAC to CELL_IDENT_LAIStefan Sperling1-2/+3
2018-12-19add/clean big-endian packed structs (struct_endianess.py)Neels Hofmeyr7-45/+541
2018-12-07gsm29118: add generator functions for GSM29118 messagesPhilipp Maier1-0/+7
2018-12-07gsm_29_118.h: Add constant for default portPhilipp Maier1-0/+3
2018-12-05gsm_29_118: add missing extern for struct value_string decl.Philipp Maier1-8/+8
2018-11-19gsm_44_318.h: remove #if 0 from struct gan_cch_desc_ieNeels Hofmeyr1-17/+0
2018-11-18Update GSM0808_LCLS enumsMax1-0/+3
2018-11-18Update 3GPP TS 08.08 Cause handlingMax1-0/+12
2018-11-16gsm29118: add value strings for SGSAP IEIPhilipp Maier1-1/+4
2018-11-15gsm/protocol/gsm_08_58.h: Fix typoMartin Hauke1-1/+1
2018-11-07gsm_29_118: add missing include to header filePhilipp Maier1-0/+1
2018-10-28gsm23003: Add MME domain name related helper functionsHarald Welte1-0/+6
2018-10-21SGsAP protocol definitions (header + C file)Harald Welte1-0/+169
2018-10-21gsm_08_58.h: Introduce struct abis_rsl_chan_nrPau Espin Pedrol1-3/+32
2018-10-10gsm_08_58.h: Introduce struct abis_rsl_link_idPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+24
2018-09-19gsm0808: add function to convert amr gsm0408 setings to gsm0808Philipp Maier1-0/+14
2018-09-16Revert "gsm0808: add function to convert amr gsm0408 setings to gsm0808"Neels Hofmeyr1-14/+0
2018-09-14gsm0808: add function to convert amr gsm0408 setings to gsm0808Philipp Maier1-0/+14
2018-09-14gsm0808: fix wrong codec defaults for OFR_AMR_WBPhilipp Maier1-1/+1
2018-09-03Add RSPRO support to IPA and logging definitionsHarald Welte1-0/+1
2018-09-02Add CC_CAUSE value_string arrayKeith1-0/+4
2018-07-12gsm0808: Add value_string for encryption algorithmsPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+1
2018-07-12gsm_08_08: gsm0808_permitted_speech does not have value stringsPhilipp Maier1-0/+4
2018-07-12gsm_04_08: add function to get value stringPhilipp Maier1-0/+2