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2018-01-24SMS: Add value_string for TS 04.11 CP and RP stateHarald Welte1-0/+5
Change-Id: I1b2f6fc6f455b0ba2a5732c567a4867bca97c3b0
2017-10-17[doc] make sure all SMS related code is part of the 'sms' groupHarald Welte1-1/+5
Change-Id: I24c56ccb56d5b39cfb887808f91b715da54c0f8b
2017-06-23doxygen: unify use of \file across the boardNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+2
Considering the various styles and implications found in the sources, edit scores of files to follow the same API doc guidelines around the doxygen grouping and the \file tag. Many files now show a short description in the generated API doc that was so far only available as C comment. The guidelines and reasoning behind it is documented at https://osmocom.org/projects/cellular-infrastructure/wiki/Guidelines_for_API_documentation In some instances, remove file comments and add to the corresponding group instead, to be shared among several files (e.g. bitvec). Change-Id: Ifa70e77e90462b5eb2b0457c70fd25275910c72b
2014-06-16include: Switch to #pragma once patternSylvain Munaut1-4/+1
Signed-off-by: Sylvain Munaut <tnt@246tNt.com>
2012-11-22smc: Introduce an id and prefix all log messages with SMC(ID)Holger Hans Peter Freyther1-1/+2
When OpenBSC is handling more than one message at a time it is difficult to see which log message belongs to which SMC. Introduce a uint64_t id that can be set to the row_id/message_id and prefix all log messages with SMC(ID). This change is ABI and API incompatible with previous versions of libosmogsm. Example: SMC(100) instance created SMC(100) message MNSMS-EST-REQ received in state IDLE
2012-11-14smc: Make it possible to include gsm0411_smc.h as first header fileHolger Hans Peter Freyther1-0/+1
The code embeds the timer so one needs to include the header file.
2011-11-12gsm/sms: Rewrite of SMC process, extracted from OpenBSCAndreas Eversberg1-0/+62
The SMC process is used to transfer RP frames. It is now extracted from OpenBSC. It includes a real state machine now for easier debugging. Written-by: Andreas Eversberg <jolly@eversberg.eu> Signed-off-by: Sylvain Munaut <tnt@246tNt.com>