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2018-11-26New version for On-Wavesdaniel/onwavesDaniel Willmann1-0/+119
Change-Id: Ib4a38e52c5b5cf80e8195577e68ec4e2bf44a1eb
2018-11-26Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into daniel/onwavesDaniel Willmann70-467/+3943
Change-Id: I1c79a29092855f4859edf1451c5e2d3e77da8323
2018-11-22add contrib/struct_endianess.pyNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+369
In libosmocore (and likely elsewhere) we have scores of packed structs with sub-byte integer members that lack the necessary member reversal shims to be able to work on big endian architectures. Instead of manually editing each one of them and probably introduce errors in the process, this script handles the change automatically, and in the future allows us to verify correctness in gerrit verifications. Change-Id: I8e75b17d8071c7b3a2a171ba776fb76854b28a53
2018-11-22Update gsm0808_create_ass() doxygenMax1-2/+2
* add spec reference * remove LCLS note: CI parameter is optional but have nothing to do with LCLS It's pretty hard to decipher from the spec what CI is useful for and we have not used it anyway so let's just keep it as "Optional" for now. Change-Id: I5552732afcec48047d993ae6ffb73a3e5d7c9202
2018-11-20gsm: Deprecate buggy gsm_arfcn2band API and introduce gsm_arfcn2band_rcPau Espin Pedrol4-25/+58
ARFCNs are values in well defined ranges. Until this patch, ARFCNs not belonging to any band were blindly assigned to DCS1800 by gsm_arfcn2band, causing unnoticed bugs and misconfigurations in osmo-bsc. Previous API gsm_arfcn2band cannot accomodate this kind of check easily, so let's deprecate it to tell people to use a new API gsm_arfcn2band_rc which performs this kind of checks and allows callers to log failures, misconfigurations, etc. At the same time, modify implementation of gsm_arfcn2band to abort if an invalid ARFCN is passed, this way users of this API can notice they are passing wrong data to it that most probably will produce unexpected results. Related: OS#3063 Change-Id: I780d452dcebce385469e32ef2fd844df6033393a
2018-11-20LCLS: add 48.008 parameter structureMax1-0/+8
It's convenient to hold all LCLS-related parameters from 3GPP TS 48.008 in a single structure. This will be used in follow-up patch handling Assignment Request with extended parameters as well as corresponding BSC code working with LCLS. Change-Id: I4b873f9a3c5a5d33b438382971b3d92e40d48d62 Related: OS#2487
2018-11-20document unblock-ack vs. signalling in gprs_ns_process_msg()Stefan Sperling1-0/+6
Since commit 797558ea1768e464f9559c5f7a4f3f4285c5de25 we send the NS_UNBLOCK_ACK message before dispatching the NS_UNBLOCK signal, instead of afterwards. Add comments which explain the intended order of events. Suggested-by: Pau Related: OS#2388 Change-Id: I4b93853c952a97302f8afc14f462f22c3e487564
2018-11-19send NS_POUT_UNBLOCK_ACK before signalling S_NS_UNBLOCKStefan Sperling2-6/+8
In gprs_ns_process_msg(), we were dispatching the S_NS_UNBLOCK signal before sending out the NS_POUT_UNBLOCK_ACK message. Signal handlers might send messages to the other side, assuming that NS is now unblocked. However, since such messages will arrive before the UNBLOCK_ACK message the receiver might discard them. This problem has been observed with our TTCN3 BSSGP_Emulation as a peer to osmo-pcu. This patch makes TTCN3 PCU TC_paging() test pass regardless of whether the test or osmo-pcu is started first. Before this patch, this test would only pass if the test was started before osmo-pcu. A remaining problem is that the test does not yet keep passing reliably unless osmo-pcu is restarted between test runs. Change-Id: I3af54a14bb6bcfa167c9a9d9f67835e7f5b9f1bb Related: OS#2890 Related: OS#2388
2018-11-19gsm_44_318.h: remove #if 0 from struct gan_cch_desc_ieNeels Hofmeyr1-17/+0
These are actually parts of the struct in big endian order, which will soon be done automatically by struct_endianess.py. Change-Id: I9bc694f10fa9cef0bb7fc791bb40e7602459b16b
2018-11-19Add missing header includeMax1-0/+1
That's necessary for 'struct tlv_parsed' definition although lack of it does not cause build failure in libosmocore for me but does so for osmo-bsc. Change-Id: I3b2d3955d02b07dc7ec5e9f0c66cc477196703ed
2018-11-19Support cipher mode reject with extended causeMax7-1/+89
* add function to generate cipher mode reject with extended (2-byte) Cause IE * add function to get (extended) Cause value * add corresponding (extended cause) test * update existing (non-extended cause) test * use enum as a parameter for existing non-extended version to make interface more unified Change-Id: Id5509b94a18180a44f45300caaa02b843c166fa3 Related: OS#3187
2018-11-19Move msgb_push helpers to public headerMax3-39/+25
The msgb_wrap_with_TL() is generally useful so it make sense to make it public to facilitate code re-use. Other helpers can be implemented as trivial wrappers over existing tlv.h functions. Update headers and code accordingly. Change-Id: I37e91d031fba28cf1c6735b8069b0265746f55e6
2018-11-18gsm48: gsm48_decode_freq_list: Improve documentation of paramter fPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
Change-Id: Id8e3afff737211ded3c5689f2c83b1a544b42f9d
2018-11-18Update GSM0808_LCLS enumsMax2-0/+6
Add values indicating that LCLS control/config/status value has not been received yet. Change-Id: I52dc6a52f5ee043ed2c1625ffecfd495e3c746b1 Related: OS#2487
2018-11-18Update 3GPP TS 08.08 Cause handlingMax6-9/+59
* add Class definitions * add helper to check for extended bit * add helper to get Cause's Class * use enum in gsm0808_cause_name() and gsm0808_create_cipher_reject() to avoid confusion between class and cause * update gsm0808_create_cipher_reject() comments Change-Id: I31b31dfc22eb4b6b07089e1255246ac458125340 Related: OS#3187
2018-11-18Add helper wrapper for BSSAP TLV parsingMax1-0/+3
Change-Id: Ib228368901ce90a02a5664f2510593371c7d29cd
2018-11-16fsm: fix apidoc of osmo_fsm_state_name()Philipp Maier1-1/+1
The api documentation of osmo_fsm_state_name() refers to an FSM instance, but it really means the state of an FSM. Change-Id: I88ddd6048426d380c49170e66f57b3843398c046
2018-11-16gsm29118: add value strings for SGSAP IEIPhilipp Maier3-1/+40
The value strings for the SGSAP IEI are missing, lets add a set of value strings and a function to retrieve them. Change-Id: I2787303174f74ffba86675bce2c12f680d8ea708 Related: OS#3615
2018-11-15gsm/protocol/gsm_08_58.h: Fix typoMartin Hauke1-1/+1
Fix a typo that prevents building on ppc64 (Power8, Big Endian). Tested with gcc version: 8.2.1+r265487 /bin/sh ../libtool --tag=CC --mode=compile gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I.. -I../include -I../include -DBUILDING_LIBOSMOCORE -Wall -Wall -O2 -Wall -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fstack-protector-strong -funwind-tables -fasynchronous-unwind-tables -fstack-clash-protection -g -DBUILDING_LIBOSMOCORE -Wall -c -o panic.lo panic.c In file included from ../include/osmocom/gsm/rsl.h:6, from gsmtap_util.c:37: ../include/osmocom/gsm/protocol/gsm_08_58.h:60:4: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'sapi' sapi:3; ^~~~ Change-Id: I4a40fc68cb6dfdfadfcc34213c4ecdabbbc356f2
2018-11-12merge_doc.xsl: move to osmo-gsm-manuals.gitOliver Smith1-48/+0
Allows building the manuals without the checked out libosmocore source. Related: OS#3385 Depends: I8e7036fae062ee783cb132b14608827a82c5e7c7 (osmo-gsm-manuals) Change-Id: Ifb81b18422987cdf36b75993d2782abf93b5f48c
2018-11-07gsm_29_118: add missing include to header filePhilipp Maier1-0/+1
The header file gsm_29_118.h is defining variables of type struct value_string, which is declared in core/utils.h. We should add an include to utils.h to prevent confusion when the header is used. Change-Id: I9f9bb62d29cd068820ad5aa677717bd448de3f4a Related: OS#3615
2018-11-06socket.c: fix IP and port buffer sizesOliver Smith1-4/+4
Use INET6_ADDRSTRLEN (46) instead of 64 for IP address buffers, and 6 instead of 16 for port buffers (the highest possible port number is 65535). Change-Id: Ia25e2f3277ad2f60df31c08d12f42c1e6d2a14a6
2018-11-06jenkins: print gcc version in logNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+5
Change-Id: I8dfac78868f64213413e80cc52ac585d9d4a2c93
2018-11-07core/msgb.h: introduce msgb_l4len() helperVadim Yanitskiy2-0/+13
There is already a group of similar functions for L1, L2 and L3, but L4 was missing. The L4 is usually used for parsing of complex L3 messages, such as SS/USSD and SMS. This change introduces a similar halper for L4. Change-Id: I755f2d654bbdad2a8b4f94df9023bdd370b07ae6
2018-11-06Fix deprecation warning in gsm0808_testMax1-4/+12
Use gsm0808_create_layer3_2() directly instead of deprecated wrapper. Change-Id: I44772666c929dfd94d25953379cf51b371ce202c
2018-11-06gsm/gsup.h: cosmetic: use tab for comment alignmentVadim Yanitskiy1-1/+1
Change-Id: Id71d4b45e2b9f42da5e23e709ad97d4d0abfc3d9
2018-11-02gsm48: correct apidoc for gsm48_generate_mid()Philipp Maier1-0/+1
The API documentation lacks the the description for the last parameter, lets add a description for it. Change-Id: Ibcd25d3a7ddd7075eb15daff6dba42236d14d945
2018-11-02Update cipher reject functionMax2-1/+2
* add note about (yet) unsupported standard feature * use enum constant instead of hex value Change-Id: I5cc5fc1ae8d5474dbc8d3385a493adf6420a3c98 Related: OS#3187
2018-10-30gsm0808: cosmetic: rename parameter "reason" to "cause"Philipp Maier2-4/+4
The function that generates the clear command takes a parameter "reason", which is the cause code. Lets give it the name "cause" to have a coherent naming scheme that matches the other functions and the 3gpp specs. Change-Id: I7b6c15e8fa8db13deef5041095944ca1c58fb99f
2018-10-30gsm0808: fix doxygen apidocPhilipp Maier1-1/+1
The api documentation names a parametery by a different name than it is listed in the parameter list of the function. Lets make the apidoc coherent. Change-Id: Id21ed1e920fb64522a734f206efbe2871ec05b06
2018-10-29make 'show rate-counters' show group indexStefan Sperling1-1/+1
Show each rate counter group's index in the output of the 'show rate-counters' command, to provide some way of telling apart distinct instances of the same rate counter group. This is not a very user-friendly UI because these indices are generated internally by libosmocore and/or applications, so users cannot easily assign meaning to these indices. However, the current rate counter implementation doesn't allow for more. Change-Id: Ieb151239407e4b2f8859fefec8d0670f5ddf908a Related: OS#3674
2018-10-29stop printing group description in vty_out_rate_ctr_group_fmt()Stefan Sperling2-3/+1
When vty_out_rate_ctr_group_fmt() prints the description of a counter group, it assumes this description should appear at the beginning of a line. However, the caller might be printing counters in an indented context. So just let the caller worry about printing the group title if necessary (there is currently only one known caller, which is updated in this commit). Note that printing of the group title was an undocumented feature. Change-Id: I2c55cb54e8b7a7c8c6cf72f22287083767ed0201 Related: OS#2660
2018-10-28gsm23003: Add MME domain name related helper functionsHarald Welte6-0/+185
osmo_gen_mme_group_domain(), osmo_gen_mme_group_domain() and osmo_gen_home_network_domain() Change-Id: Ia882d9db05ec0037e593aeebea21bc31adb680bb
2018-10-26add osmo_sock_get_{local,remote}_ip{,_port}()Oliver Smith2-25/+92
Return only the IP or port of either the local or remote connection, not the whole set of IP and port of both the local and remote connection like osmo_sock_get_name() does it. This is needed for OS#2841, where we only want to print the remote IP. Related: OS#2841 Change-Id: I6803c204771c59a2002bc6a0e6b79c83c35f87e1
2018-10-25cosmetic: fix typo (soocket -> socket)Oliver Smith1-1/+1
Change-Id: I2184bf12398902d933f3744bc094418cc6961e86
2018-10-24stats_statsd: Send all stat_items as gaugesDaniel Willmann1-11/+8
When sending a statsd metric we need to specify a type which can be a "g"auge, "c"ounter, "t"imer, "h"istogram, and "m"eter. We used to just pass the stat_item unit into this field, but that is the unit of the metric (Seconds for a timer, % for utilization, ...). Change the type field so stat_items are sent as "g"auges. Note that negative values don't seem to be supported by statsd. Change-Id: Ia16270d36c9a14521594de4b99a48c83e4ac07d4
2018-10-24vty: adjust telnet logMax1-1/+1
Adjust wording so telnet command can be directly copy-pasted from the log to access the interface without the need for further editing. Change-Id: I1876447f9285adcd1b09937a6121afabd0b32e52
2018-10-21libosmogsm/gsup.c: fix error code in osmo_gsup_encode()Vadim Yanitskiy1-1/+1
Missing (unset) type of to be encoded message is not a memory allocation failure (-ENOMEM), this is definitely a mistake. Change-Id: Ibbac18e2b68b765c17c2bc959c4c085037953a7f
2018-10-21SGsAP protocol definitions (header + C file)Harald Welte5-1/+304
Change-Id: Idddfc9b851eb4c2fa7dd661a9ce1b03a04883109
2018-10-21gsm_08_58.h: Introduce struct abis_rsl_chan_nrPau Espin Pedrol1-3/+32
It will allow to make code handling chan_nr values more easier to read and less prone to errors. union is used to be able to get the full octet in case we need to pass it somewhere else or encode it. An extra union is used in struct abis_rsl_common_hdr and others to allow using fields directly while keeping API compatibility. Change-Id: Icd6822021207270a00106c50f8ca6b93c1250df9
2018-10-21vty.c: Set vty->fd to -1 after closing the FDHarald Welte1-1/+3
Change-Id: I07d105f4a810dd809fbf6feb5c04e7410020c887
2018-10-21telnet_interface: avoid double-close of fd()Harald Welte1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ibd81f29fa22d53553bd73c055d6a1f5255a69bad Fixes: Coverity CID#135238
2018-10-21timerfd_create(): Fix error handling of osmo_fd_register()Harald Welte1-1/+8
Change-Id: Ia2528cc3e3155bbc9cb32dee0e3af99cc6e1c654 Closes: Coverity CID#188853
2018-10-21osmo-config-merge: fclose() what we fopen()Harald Welte1-0/+2
Change-Id: Ib44f902e5bca2277f1b340d34fabbd2a298d683e Fixes: Coverity CID#188851
2018-10-16gsm0808: allow decoding of zero length speech codec lists.Philipp Maier2-10/+23
3GPP_TS_48.008, Speech Codec List states the following: "The length indicator (octet 2) is a binary number indicating the absolute length of the contents after the length indicator. The length depends on the number and type of Speech Codec Elements to be included. The minimum length of one Speech Codec Element is 1 octet and the maximum length is 3 octets. The maximum number of Speech Codec Elements within the Speech Codec List is not defined." This clearly refers only to the length of a single speech codec element but not on the overall list. So speech codec lists with length 0 are indeed permitted by the spec. - Remove the assertion that checks on zero length speech codec lists. Change-Id: I1eb1f4466b98bdd26d765b0e4cc690b5e89e9dd6 Related: OS#3657
2018-10-15add support for ipaccess messages on the ctrl interfaceStefan Sperling1-5/+29
In ctrl_handle_msg(), check for IPACCESS protocol messages and respond to such messages in the same way as ipa_ccm_rcvmsg_base() does. This will allow the TTCN3 IPA "chopped ping" test to pass on control interfaces. Change-Id: I9d7137c830981ccad03806b30b776e2b1f1b4699 Related: OS#2010
2018-10-10gsm_08_58.h: Introduce struct abis_rsl_link_idPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+24
It will allow to make code handling link_id values more easier to read and less prone to errors. union is used to be able to get the full octet in case we need to pass it somewhere else or encode it. An extra union is used in struct abis_rsl_common_hdr to allow using fields directly while keeping API compatibility. Change-Id: Ibd75a493bcfdf46c028ea466867d0c0d83d46343
2018-10-10fix error handling gprs_ns_nsip_listen()Stefan Sperling1-1/+4
If we cannot bind the listening socket, reset related fields in the osmo fd structure to NULL again. Otherwise our caller might eventually try to use an uninitialized osmo fd. Change-Id: Ia953b2eff54cac0bd980944291f75db14df09a34 Related: OS#3643
2018-10-07GSMTAP: fix typos in commentsShinjo Park1-2/+2
Change-Id: I2e710141ee90ddc8b5336d5f81e99bd918d10106
2018-10-07GSMTAP: add definitions for LTE NAS subtypesShinjo Park1-0/+8
Wireshark GSMTAP dissector has LTE NAS subtypes for plain NAS messages and NAS messages with security header. This commit adds definition for these subtypes. Change-Id: I49d15fb13299c1bcbe0fb7e50bf222294c7a49ef