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GSUP/SMS: introduce READY-FOR-SM message
According to 3GPP TS 29.002, section 12.4, MAP-READY-FOR-SM is used between the MSC and VLR as well as between the VLR and the HLR to indicate that a subscriber has memory available for SMS. This change replicates this service in GSUP as READY_FOR_SM_*. The only mandatory IE for this service (excluding Invoke ID) is 'Alert Reason' that is replicated by OSMO_GSUP_SM_ALERT_RSN_IE. Change-Id: Ic37f3b2114b8095cfce22977e67133b9103942e3 Related Change-Id: (docs) I549b6c8840a1e86caac09e77fb8bc5042d939e62 Related Change-Id: (TTCN) If2256607527ecfcb10285583332fb8b0515d7c78 Related: OS#3587
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@@ -41,4 +41,6 @@ Test GSUP message decoding/encoding
MO-/MT-ForwardSM Response OK
Testing MO-/MT-ForwardSM Error
MO-/MT-ForwardSM Error OK
+ Testing ReadyForSM (MSC -> SMSC) Indication
+ ReadyForSM (MSC -> SMSC) Indication OK