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authorNeels Hofmeyr <neels@hofmeyr.de>2017-12-16 04:05:21 +0100
committerHarald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>2017-12-18 23:05:50 +0000
commitf2c10f108202c350a3c16f49156b11b0cd0dfa96 (patch)
treee623921a0f0f9c5193e9208bbab38f18262a141e /tests/ctrl/ctrl_test.c
parent6769ad6e0aca58ccc037746885976ea4f85cb318 (diff)
ctrl: fix mem leak when handling GET_REPLY and SET_REPLY
In ctrl_handle_msg() (code recently propagated from handle_control_read()), talloc_free() the parsed ctrl_cmd in all code paths. In particular, a free was missing in case ctrl_cmd_handle() returns CTRL_CMD_HANDLED. CTRL_CMD_HANDLED is triggered by GET_REPLY / SET_REPLY parsing, as show by ctrl_test.c. With the memleak fixed, adjust expected test output and make a detected mem leak abort the test immediately. Change-Id: Id583b413f8b8bd16e5cf92a8a9e8663903646381
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/tests/ctrl/ctrl_test.c b/tests/ctrl/ctrl_test.c
index 9c7316fc..e25929c2 100644
--- a/tests/ctrl/ctrl_test.c
+++ b/tests/ctrl/ctrl_test.c
@@ -120,9 +120,8 @@ static void assert_test(struct ctrl_handle *ctrl, struct ctrl_connection *ccon,
if (talloc_total_size(ctx) != ctx_size_was) {
printf("mem leak!\n");
- // hide mem leak to be fixed in subsequent patch
- //talloc_report_full(ctx, stdout);
- //OSMO_ASSERT(false);
+ talloc_report_full(ctx, stdout);
+ OSMO_ASSERT(false);