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authorStefan Sperling <ssperling@sysmocom.de>2018-09-20 17:21:05 +0200
committerHarald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>2018-09-26 07:25:53 +0000
commit6afb3f50317e694e7482bbd774243dc130e3f936 (patch)
tree65574a00ea7a9cd3a0b2434ec0cd37cb7734b96e /src/socket.c
parenteda6fe42a5ad33d27e305c1a9b1304ac1f1cc247 (diff)
ensure unix socket paths are NUL-terminated for bind/connect
The unix(7) man page recommends that sun_path is NUL-terminated when struct sockaddr_un is passed to a bind() or connect() call. Non-NUL-terminated paths only need to be dealt with at the receiving end of a UNIX domain socket. Commit 896ff6d erroneously assumed otherwise. This commit almost reverts 896ff6d: It only leaves the added osmo_strlcpy() overflow check in place. Change-Id: I6c4ac6b0a0eef4842beae4107f6f09f6cd29172a Fixes: 896ff6db161465d506bb9bb5bee2cdeef220dd2e Related: OS#2673
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1 files changed, 5 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/src/socket.c b/src/socket.c
index 6f56efb5..a85edb73 100644
--- a/src/socket.c
+++ b/src/socket.c
@@ -605,29 +605,27 @@ int osmo_sock_unix_init(uint16_t type, uint8_t proto,
struct sockaddr_un local;
int sfd, rc, on = 1;
unsigned int namelen;
- const size_t socket_path_len = strlen(socket_path);
return -EINVAL;
local.sun_family = AF_UNIX;
- if (socket_path_len == sizeof(local.sun_path)) {
- /* Handle corner-case where sun_path is not NUL-terminated. See the unix(7) man page. */
- memcpy(local.sun_path, socket_path, sizeof(local.sun_path));
- } else if (osmo_strlcpy(local.sun_path, socket_path, sizeof(local.sun_path)) >= sizeof(local.sun_path)) {
+ /* When an AF_UNIX socket is bound, sun_path should be NUL-terminated. See unix(7) man page. */
+ if (osmo_strlcpy(local.sun_path, socket_path, sizeof(local.sun_path)) >= sizeof(local.sun_path)) {
LOGP(DLGLOBAL, LOGL_ERROR, "Socket path exceeds maximum length of %zd bytes: %s\n",
sizeof(local.sun_path), socket_path);
return -ENOSPC;
#if defined(BSD44SOCKETS) || defined(__UNIXWARE__)
- local.sun_len = socket_path_len;
+ local.sun_len = strlen(local.sun_path);
#if defined(BSD44SOCKETS) || defined(SUN_LEN)
namelen = SUN_LEN(&local);
- namelen = socket_path_len + offsetof(struct sockaddr_un, sun_path);
+ namelen = strlen(local.sun_path) +
+ offsetof(struct sockaddr_un, sun_path);
sfd = socket(AF_UNIX, type, proto);