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logging: fix corrupted output
Harald reported a problem in the logging: http://lists.osmocom.org/pipermail/openbsc/2011-May/002896.html Reverting 81e9636454294ae10ef9bc8bf149dd0248afce76 seems to fix the problem. However, that workaround looks ugly. Holger gives us another clue on what was wrong: http://lists.osmocom.org/pipermail/openbsc/2011-May/002905.html While digging in the manpage, I found this: "The functions vprintf(), vfprintf(), vsprintf(), vsnprintf() are equivalent to the functions printf(), fprintf(), sprintf(), snprintf(), respectively, except that they are called with a va_list instead of a variable number of arguments. These functions do not call the va_end macro. Consequently, the value of ap is undefined after the call. The application should call va_end(ap) itself afterwards."
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