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+osmo-config-merge - Merge osmocom config snippets into an existing config
+*osmo-config-merge* <config-file> <config-patch> [--debug]
+This utility allows you to merge an incremental config "patch"
+into an osmocom-style config file.
+The patch file follows the same syntax as the original config file.
+It works by appending the leaf nodes of the patch file to the respective
+nodes of the input config file.
+This process allows configuration file changes/updates to be performed
+in a more stable/reliable way than by means of (unified) diff files,
+as they break every time the context lines break.
+osmo-config-merge doesn't suffer from this problem, as it understands
+the tree-like nature of VTY config files.
+The resulting config is printed to stdout.
+NOTE: This only works with configuration files that have proper
+indenting, i.e. every level in the hierarchy must be indented excatly
+one character, not multiple.
+ Show debugging output when parsing the config tree. Needs to be the last argument.
+$ osmo-config-merge osmo-msc.cfg.base osmo-msc_change_network.cfg > osmo-msc.cfg
+Exit status is 0 if the command was successful, and 1 in case of a
+wrong/missing argument. If the tool detects an error in the patch file the
+exit status is 2.
+The official Osmocom documentation including the VTY config refernce can be
+found at: http://ftp.osmocom.org/docs/latest/
+The Osmocom wiki is located at: http://projects.osmocom.org/
+osmo-config-merge was written by Harald Welte.
+The man page was written by Daniel Willmann.