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libosmocoding: migrate transcoding routines from OsmoBTS
There are some projects, such as GR-GSM and OsmocomBB, which would benefit from using one shared implementation of GSM 05.03 code. So, this commit introduces a new sub-library called libosmocoding, which (for now) provides GSM, GPRS and EDGE transcoding routines, migrated from OsmoBTS. The original GSM 05.03 code from OsmoBTS was relicensed under GPLv2-or-later with permission of copyright holders (Andreas Eversberg, Alexander Chemeris and Tom Tsou). The following data types are currently supported: - xCCH - PDTCH (CS 1-4 and MCS 1-9) - TCH/FR - TCH/HR - TCH/AFS - RCH/AHS - RACH - SCH Change-Id: I0c3256b87686d878e4e716d12393cad5924fdfa1
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+Name: Osmocom L1 transcoding Library
+Description: C Utility Library
+Version: @VERSION@
+Libs: -L${libdir} -losmocoding -losmocodec -losmogsm -losmocore
+Cflags: -I${includedir}/