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Revert various debian related changes
The debian related changes were not meant to be comitted and were local experiments. The changes should go through Jan and not this way. Revert "more changes" This reverts commit 96ba20cb44e602abb292b53c9e4f92aa59998df1. Revert "debian: Updates to fix lintian errors" This reverts commit b670c86edd704d45b572b87111f3224abecc4767. Revert "debian: Switch to the 3.0(quilt) format to play with launchpad" This reverts commit 7a91d6071d1ef15e5a05f5feb7f79a06c279c673. Revert "debian: Add new changelog entry for the shlib:Depends change" This reverts commit 54b8c4e0edb2f0f0cde7d28c1715810dd5c6a4b1. Revert "debian: dpkg-buildpackage complains about this here" This reverts commit 4284307ead92f35e844e452c0ff9c73a61038096. Revert "debian: Add a new changelog entry" This reverts commit ae9b220d166dac277a9b9078add20650415d1cb2.
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Copyright (C) 2010 Harald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>
+# Please chose a license for your packaging work. If the program you package
+# uses a mainstream license, using the same license is the safest choice.
+# Please avoid to pick license terms that are more restrictive than the
+# packaged work, as it may make Debian's contributions unacceptable upstream.
+# If you just want it to be GPL version 3, leave the following lines in.
and is licensed under the GPL version 3,
see "/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-3".
+# Please also look if there are files or directories which have a
+# different copyright/license attached and list them here.