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authorPhilipp Maier <pmaier@sysmocom.de>2019-01-08 10:40:18 +0100
committerdexter <pmaier@sysmocom.de>2019-01-18 08:21:00 +0000
commitd6ef6f1b9163be659693bb546276ab2f655f9cb9 (patch)
parent64b51eb68bd272b6b1f2cefa2b33e9dd74024d0c (diff)
gsm29118: fix coverity issues
The function msgb_sgsap_name_put() assignes the return code of osmo_apn_from_str() directly to len. Len is an uint8_t and the return code an int. If osmo_apn_from_str() returns -1. Len would become 0xFF causing a buffer overrun with msgb_tlv_put. Lets use the proper type to catch the return code and check it before using it as length. Change-Id: Ic0bc5114eee47bdcf2300a6e4b0df473d3d1903a Fixes: CID#190405 Fixes: CID#190401 Related: OS#3615
1 files changed, 6 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/src/gsm/gsm29118.c b/src/gsm/gsm29118.c
index ca210fbf..56e74738 100644
--- a/src/gsm/gsm29118.c
+++ b/src/gsm/gsm29118.c
@@ -196,9 +196,14 @@ static int msgb_sgsap_name_put(struct msgb *msg, enum sgsap_iei iei, const char
uint8_t buf[APN_MAXLEN];
uint8_t len;
+ int rc;
/* encoding is like DNS names, which is like APN fields */
memset(buf, 0, sizeof(buf));
- len = osmo_apn_from_str(buf, sizeof(buf), name);
+ rc = osmo_apn_from_str(buf, sizeof(buf), name);
+ if (rc < 0)
+ return -1;
+ len = (uint8_t)rc;
/* Note: While the VLR-Name (see 3GPP TS 29.118, chapter 9.4.22) has
* a flexible length, the MME-Name has a fixed size of 55 octets. (see