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fix typo in FSM description
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diff --git a/src/fsm.c b/src/fsm.c
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--- a/src/fsm.c
+++ b/src/fsm.c
@@ -47,15 +47,15 @@
* The general idea is that all actions performed within one state are
* located at one position in the code (the state's action function),
* as opposed to the 'message-centric' view of e.g. the existing
- * state machines of the LAPD(m) coe, where there is one message for
- * eahc possible event (primitive), and the function then needs to
+ * state machines of the LAPD(m) core, where there is one message for
+ * each possible event (primitive), and the function then needs to
* concern itself on how to handle that event over all possible states.
* For each state, there is a bit-mask of permitted input events for
* this state, as well as a bit-mask of permitted new output states to
* which the state can change. Furthermore, there is a function
* pointer implementing the actual handling of the input events
- * occurring whilst in thta state.
+ * occurring whilst in that state.
* Furthermore, each state offers a function pointer that can be
* executed just before leaving a state, and another one just after
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@
* NOTICE level is used for all other subscribers.
* In order to attach private state to the \ref osmo_fsm_inst, it
- * offers an opaque priv pointer.
+ * offers an opaque private pointer.
* \file fsm.c */