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tests: Introduce test for multi-homing STP features
Config file sets omo-stp instance to bind on 2 IP addresses, and then the test verfies through linux /proc/net/sctp/* that binding is done correctly and that it can be reached from another remote address to one of the configured addresses. Change-Id: Ifa11b1fc882dff415405f62024e94bed67228866
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--- a/doc/examples/Makefile.am
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@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
examples_stpdir = $(docdir)/examples/osmo-stp
-examples_stp_DATA = osmo-stp.cfg
+examples_stp_DATA = osmo-stp.cfg osmo-stp-multihome.cfg
osmoconfdir = $(sysconfdir)/osmocom
osmoconf_DATA = osmo-stp.cfg
-EXTRA_DIST = osmo-stp.cfg
+EXTRA_DIST = osmo-stp.cfg osmo-stp-multihome.cfg