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2013-07-14sccp_routing: add missing check_and_dec_hopctr() default caseHEADmasterHarald Welte1-1/+4
2013-07-14routing: handle routing of incoming cr/connless by GT (not SSN)Harald Welte1-14/+29
2013-07-14SCRC: don't use tracing for this process anymore, reduce screen clutterHarald Welte1-1/+1
2013-06-24osmo_sccp_tcap: remove debug printHarald Welte1-1/+0
2013-06-18support local_out messages with GT but not pointcodeHarald Welte2-13/+16
2013-06-10osmo_sccp_tcap fixesHarald Welte1-2/+12
2013-06-07SCRC: make sure to forward UDTS as N-NOTICE.ind, not N-UNITDATA.indHarald Welte1-2/+11
2012-04-16add compatibility clause for Erlang Public LicenseHarald Welte6-2/+75
2012-01-28SCCP SSN Dump: Fix case where we register only for one {SSN, PC} tupleHarald Welte1-2/+2
2012-01-28SCOC: Make sure to cancel old Tiar/Tias before starting new ones...Harald Welte1-6/+12
2012-01-28SCOC: Handle IT message in active stateHarald Welte1-0/+21
2012-01-28SCCP: Make sure connection oriented messages end up with the userHarald Welte2-14/+24
2012-01-28SCPC: Make sure connection-oriented SCCP actually worksHarald Welte2-147/+242
2012-01-28fix sccp_ssn_dump.erlHarald Welte1-2/+2
2012-01-28sccp_routing: make sure route_cr_or_connectionless() actually terminatesHarald Welte1-4/+4
2012-01-28osmo_sccp_tcap: SSN must be an integerHarald Welte1-1/+3
2012-01-25SCOC: correctly interpret primitives from/to SCRC for COHarald Welte1-8/+13
2012-01-24SCCP SCOC: handle CC, CREF and RLSD in conn_out_pending stateHarald Welte1-5/+16
2012-01-24SCOC: Make sure to send src_local_ref and proto_class to SCRC on CRHarald Welte1-1/+3
2011-12-13Synchronize with signerl changes regarding SCCP adapter startupHarald Welte1-2/+4
2011-12-11scrc: gracefully handle the case where local subsystem is unequippedHarald Welte1-0/+3
2011-12-10include osmo_sccp_tcap.erl in .app fileHarald Welte1-0/+1
2011-12-10routing: accept non-integer point codes in is_local_pointcode()Harald Welte1-2/+3
2011-12-10SCRC: transmit messages over MTP3 based on linkset name, not DPCHarald Welte1-3/+6
2011-12-08sccp_user: take advantage of new simplified osmo_util:pointcode2int()Harald Welte1-26/+16
2011-12-04sccp_routing: properly treat return tuple of osmo_ss7:route_dpc()Harald Welte1-3/+3
2011-12-04add glue layer between SCCP and TCAPHarald Welte1-0/+127
2011-11-11add rebar.configHarald Welte1-0/+3
2011-11-05scrc: add FIXMEs about routing outgoing connection oriented msgsHarald Welte1-0/+3
2011-11-04sccp_routing: make sure route_local_out() returns proper tupleHarald Welte1-1/+2
2011-11-04sccp_user: fix local_ssn_avail if called with PC in tuple formatHarald Welte1-1/+1
2011-10-19SCRC: deal with gen_server:cast() from MTP3 even though we're gen_fsmHarald Welte1-1/+20
2011-10-19allow users to bind to a subsystem number on all local point codesHarald Welte1-1/+11
2011-10-12complete SCCP routing codeHarald Welte2-37/+81
2011-10-12allow non-integer (tuple) point codes to be used in function argumentsHarald Welte1-9/+23
2011-10-10add sccp_ssn dumper module, dump messages of specified subsystemHarald Welte3-2/+67
2011-10-10move ss7_link into libosm-ss7Harald Welte7-578/+32
2011-10-10rename sccp_link to ss7_link, as it also serves ISUP and other servicesHarald Welte6-22/+22
2011-10-10sccp_links: add bind_service/unbind_service to register ISUP/SCCPHarald Welte1-3/+52
2011-10-10import sccp_scrc and sccp_scoc from old osmo_ss7 repositoryHarald Welte5-0/+758
2011-10-10add .gitignore fileHarald Welte1-0/+2
2011-10-10osmo_sccp: First version handling full chain from sccp_user to m3ua linkHarald Welte6-21/+228
2011-10-10sccp_link_m3ua: Fix set_link_state() parameter typeHarald Welte1-4/+7
2011-10-09sccp_link_m3ua: Fix typoHarald Welte1-0/+109
2011-10-09add new file implementing SCCP routing (no GTT yet)Harald Welte1-0/+300
2011-05-01sccp_{links,user}: Add EXIT info handler for ets table cleanupHarald Welte2-0/+13
2011-05-01sccp_{links,user}: link to the user processHarald Welte2-2/+8
2011-04-30fix various bugs in sccp_user / sccp_erl occuring during first testHarald Welte2-19/+21
2011-04-29osmo_sccp application/supervisorsHarald Welte4-0/+107
2011-04-29sccp_links and sccp_user as registries for MTP links and local subsystemsHarald Welte2-0/+300