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2020-05-19build.sh: add fdupesOliver Smith4-0/+283
Change-Id: I4094f9fdf9c3a5d6b918691ed511466224918436
2020-05-11build.sh: try building more pkgs, note failuresOliver Smith3-0/+766
Import libqmi from openSUSE. Change-Id: Ie9ec5f75b15bd6fb566d8ecbbfcdc1baa3db9662
2020-05-11gapk: fetch/extract 3gpp source in spec fileOliver Smith1-3/+10
This avoids the python2 script that fetches the source, and it allows to properly cache the source download. Change-Id: Ia50eeee1999c6f41958f0addc31252fc911b8678
2020-05-11opencore-amr: import from home:markkp:openshotOliver Smith2-7/+100
The link referenced in _service is dead. https://build.opensuse.org/package/view_file/home:markkp:openshot/opencore/opencore-amr.spec Change-Id: I9f076a516da0b4207b51040bccdb52f9f40af02e
2020-05-11libgsm: import from OBSOliver Smith6-0/+353
Change-Id: I01f03a77df3cc459d0dd1bafdf86b4c4e400fb34
2020-05-11spec/liboping.sh: import from f31Oliver Smith3-0/+222
Change-Id: I42e515b0fd6f948930c4d442e0fd9dbd2e054624
2020-05-11osmo-gsm-manuals-devel: rm dep python2-pychartOliver Smith1-2/+0
This was only needed for one graph, which has been replaced with an svg in osmo-gsm-manuals.git. Change-Id: I640c620157c115f20285ef70e776d90e800c64f4
2020-05-11osmo-sim-auth: fix python shebangOliver Smith1-0/+3
Change-Id: Iabca216ae26880d11f29e1f635edb89e7d4b9a64
2020-05-11osmocom-bb: python3Oliver Smith1-3/+4
Change-Id: Ibb902c8b721be75e0f1bfb2000c3f58b3d5a263f
2020-05-11osmocom-bb: disable firmware for centosOliver Smith1-0/+4
Change-Id: I8e132bb43e10a660d014f9ddb2cda48ea683fe8e
2020-05-11osmo-msc: rename builddep: libdbi-dbd-sqliteOliver Smith1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ie2a8e481bd47630a6f92516b9d88a1e10856ff0a
2020-05-11libdbi-drivers: import from f31Oliver Smith6-303/+2897
Change-Id: I16a3009434f50c99a1f00022a0484e31cbf7c46d
2020-05-11spec: libdbi: import from fc31Oliver Smith5-178/+2903
libdbi-drivers from openSUSE segfaults while building, let's try to the fedora versions. Change-Id: I35f91b6bb4334f6ea3ad2eee973eafbf48f79716
2020-05-11libdbi-drivers: disable mysql for centos8Oliver Smith1-0/+14
Fails to build: dbd_mysql.c: In function 'dbd_connect': dbd_mysql.c:212:3: error: unknown type name 'my_bool'; did you mean 'bool'? my_bool opt = reconnect; ^~~~~~~ bool Change-Id: Ie3dde4c4aa963f35d11decdbda6c1625e50e771b
2020-05-11spec: libdbi-drivers: sqlite3-devel vs sqlite-develOliver Smith1-0/+4
It's called sqlite-devel in centos. Change-Id: I67c2b66cc413957fc956b0f140060ce5f79fd5de
2020-05-08osmo-iuh.spec: builddepend: systemd-rpm-macrosOliver Smith1-0/+1
this uses systemd macros in the spec file Change-Id: I83ac85e76609824b14a7b4dafe6ddab61d1c8739
2020-05-08osmo-trx.spec: disable lms, usrp1 for centosOliver Smith1-1/+23
osmo-trx builds successfully now \o/ Change-Id: I2743f053694c552c9e40765464c3f97bf8537680
2020-05-08osmo-trx.spec: make fdupes suse specificOliver Smith1-0/+4
This checks for duplicate files. The dependency fdupes is not available for centos8, so just disable it there. Change-Id: If6931c546997ad6fe579fe89753bf39e99759f99
2020-05-08python-cheetah (dependency of uhd): import from f32Oliver Smith4-0/+317
https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/python-cheetah/tree/f32 Change-Id: Ie342666efec78b7cc0381994a9a491061d98de76
2020-05-08spec/uhd: replace with fedora 32 versionOliver Smith7-577/+484
The version from openSUSE has many missing dependencies (some of which seem not that important, e.g. fdupes to detect duplicate files, does not seem worth packaging that for centos just to get uhd building) [1]. Also the uhd version is at 3.9.7. The goal is to get a version packaged close to debian buster's version (3.13). I'll try the fedora rpm spec from here, which is for 3.15.0 and only has one failing dependencies (python3-cheetah). There is no python2-mako in centos8, but a python3-mako, otherwise I would have considered the fedora 31 spec file with uhd 3.14, but still using python2. I'll try to build this first, if it does, I can downgrade the version as necessary. https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/uhd/tree/f32 [1]: No matching package to install: 'docutils' No matching package to install: 'fdupes' No matching package to install: 'gpsd-devel' No matching package to install: 'memory-constraints' No matching package to install: 'python-Mako >= 0.4' No matching package to install: 'python-cheetah >= 2.0.0' No matching package to install: 'python-devel >= 2.6' Change-Id: I0485f6b847872cc43589916989fcc3578d11fe2b
2020-05-08spec: use systemd-rpm-macros againOliver Smith5-10/+0
Change-Id: Ic2aa67ed3688cfad16091f6ce6cf24c709a3f9f9
2020-05-08spec/systemd-rpm-macros: import from suseOliver Smith3-0/+554
It seems that one can just build this package for centos too, at least there's a centos 7 version mentioned here, when clicking on "Show systemd-rpm-macros for other distributions": https://software.opensuse.org/package/systemd-rpm-macros This should allow building the .spec files without changing the systemd specific stuff. Furthermore I found that this is not really suse specific, but something that is in upstream systemd: https://github.com/systemd/systemd/blob/master/src/core/macros.systemd.in The files in this commit are downloaded from here, "revision 9", last change 3 years ago: https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/openSUSE:Leap:42.3/systemd-rpm-macros Change-Id: I4a9e6f80c367ce4d8dd7ec5b0a51e2774441266b
2020-05-08libosmo-abis.spec: remove talloc related patchOliver Smith1-2/+0
Builds fine without that patch, and talloc is already installed as dependency. This patch to make ./configure check for talloc does not seem necessary. Change-Id: Id6fac3487e5aa9d4ce0b268cced900647becdf3d
2020-05-07rpm-local/spec: add changes by laforgeOliver Smith6-1/+11
From home:laforge:nightly-centos-test Change-Id: I8d0b3a3653005de382f37cd68c850208c9c8d8ae
2020-05-07rpm-local/spec: import files from mnhaukeOliver Smith280-0/+37356
$ osc co home:mnhauke:osmocom:nightly