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2012-11-25Merge tag 'v3.7-rc7' into next/cleanupOlof Johansson22-94/+677
2012-11-24ALSA: hda - Fix build without CONFIG_PMTakashi Iwai1-2/+4
2012-11-22ALSA: snd-usb: properly initialize the sync endpointDaniel Mack1-1/+1
2012-11-21ALSA: hda - Cirrus: Correctly clear line_out_pins when moving to speakerDavid Henningsson1-0/+1
2012-11-21Merge tag 'tegra-for-3.8-cleanup' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kerne...Olof Johansson2-3/+0
2012-11-21ALSA: hda - Add support for Realtek ALC292David Henningsson1-0/+1
2012-11-21Merge tag 'asoc-3.7' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/broonie...Takashi Iwai5-51/+45
2012-11-21Merge branches 'fix/arizona', 'fix/cs4271', 'fix/kirkwood' and 'fix/samsung' ...Mark Brown47-199/+468
2012-11-21ASoC: kirkwood-i2s: more pause-mode fixesRussell King1-9/+0
2012-11-21ASoC: kirkwood-i2s: fix DMA underrunsRussell King1-29/+38
2012-11-21ASoC: kirkwood-i2s: fix DCO lock detectionRussell King1-1/+1
2012-11-21ASoC: kirkwood-dma: don't ignore other irq causes on errorRussell King1-1/+0
2012-11-21ASoC: kirkwood-dma: fix use of virt_to_phys()Russell King1-1/+1
2012-11-19ALSA: hda - Limit runtime PM support only to known Intel chipsTakashi Iwai1-19/+20
2012-11-19ALSA: hda - Fix recursive suspend/resume callTakashi Iwai2-2/+10
2012-11-19Merge branch 'usb-midi-fix-3.7' of git://git.alsa-project.org/alsa-kprivate i...Takashi Iwai1-2/+6
2012-11-18ALSA: ua101, usx2y: fix broken MIDI outputClemens Ladisch1-2/+6
2012-11-16ASoC: arizona: Fix typo - Swap value in 48k_rates[] and 44k1_rates[]Dimitris Papastamos1-2/+2
2012-11-16ASoC: bells: Fix up git patch application failureMark Brown1-2/+2
2012-11-15Merge branch 'omap/headers4' into next/cleanupArnd Bergmann5-8/+7
2012-11-14ALSA: usb-audio: Fix mutex deadlock at disconnectionTakashi Iwai1-3/+3
2012-11-14ALSA: fm801: precedence bug in snd_fm801_tea575x_get_pins()Dan Carpenter1-3/+8
2012-11-13Merge branch 'cleanups/dma' into next/cleanupArnd Bergmann37-135/+388
2012-11-13ALSA: es1968: precedence bug in snd_es1968_tea575x_get_pins()Dan Carpenter1-3/+8
2012-11-13Merge tag 'asoc-3.7' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/broonie...Takashi Iwai8-12/+573
2012-11-13ASoC: cs4271: free allocated GPIODaniel Mack1-8/+3
2012-11-13Merge branches 'fix/arizona', 'fix/core', 'fix/cs42l52', 'fix/mxs', 'fix/sams...Mark Brown8-12/+573
2012-11-12ALSA: hda - Add a missing quirk entry for iMac 9,1Takashi Iwai1-0/+1
2012-11-09ASoC: core: Double control update err for snd_soc_put_volsw_sxMukund Navada1-2/+3
2012-11-09ASoC: dapm: Use card_list during DAPM shutdownMisael Lopez Cruz1-1/+1
2012-11-08ALSA: Fix card refcount unbalanceTakashi Iwai5-4/+8
2012-11-08ALSA: hda - Add new codec ALC668 and ALC900 (default name ALC1150)Kailang Yang1-0/+2
2012-11-08ALSA: hda - Improve HP depop when system enter to S3Kailang Yang1-13/+11
2012-11-08ALSA: usb-audio: Fix crash at re-preparing the PCM streamTakashi Iwai3-0/+17
2012-11-07ALSA: hdspm - Fix sync check reporting on RME RayDATAdrian Knoth1-1/+2
2012-11-07ASoC: cs42l52: fix the return value of cs42l52_set_fmt()Wei Yongjun1-2/+1
2012-11-07ASoC: bells: Correct type in sub speaker DAI name for WM5102Charles Keepax1-1/+1
2012-11-07ALSA: hda - Add pin fixups for ASUS G75Takashi Iwai1-0/+11
2012-11-07ALSA: hda - Fix invalid connections in VT1802 codecTakashi Iwai1-0/+14
2012-11-07ALSA: hda - Fix empty DAC filling in patch_via.cTakashi Iwai1-7/+4
2012-11-06Merge branch 'arm-next' of git://git.xilinx.com/linux-xlnx into next/cleanupOlof Johansson22-182/+318
2012-11-06ASoC: wm8978: pll incorrectly configured when codec is masterEric Millbrandt1-1/+1
2012-11-05ARM: tegra: remove <mach/dma.h>Stephen Warren2-3/+0
2012-11-05ALSA: hda - Force to reset IEC958 status bits for AD codecsTakashi Iwai1-0/+1
2012-11-05ALSA: es1968: Add ESS vendor ID to pm_whitelistOndrej Zary1-0/+2
2012-11-05ALSA: HDA: Mark CS260x immutable structures constDaniel J Blueman1-3/+2
2012-11-05ALSA: HDA: Fix digital microphone on CS420xDaniel J Blueman1-5/+9
2012-11-05ALSA: hda: Cirrus: Fix coefficient index for beep configurationAlexander Stein1-1/+1
2012-11-04ALSA: hda - support Teradici 2200 host card audioLars R. Damerow1-0/+2
2012-11-04ALSA: Fix typo in drivers soundMasanari Iida6-6/+6