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2012-12-27MIPS: Alchemy: Make 32kHz and r4k timer coexist peacefullyManuel Lauss1-20/+5
2012-10-22USB: move common alchemy USB routines to arch/mips/alchemy/common.cFlorian Fainelli2-1/+615
2012-10-22MIPS: Alchemy: use the OHCI platform driverFlorian Fainelli1-2/+33
2012-10-22MIPS: Alchemy: use the ehci platform driverFlorian Fainelli1-1/+22
2012-10-11MIPS: Alchemy: Merge PB1100/1500 support into DB1000 code.Manuel Lauss5-413/+93
2012-10-11MIPS: Alchemy: merge PB1550 support into DB1550 codeManuel Lauss5-292/+161
2012-10-11MIPS: Alchemy: Single kernel for DB1200/1300/1550Manuel Lauss8-91/+114
2012-08-17MIPS: MTX-1: Add udelay to mtx1_pci_idselBruno Randolf1-0/+2
2012-07-25Merge branches 'next/generic', 'next/alchemy', 'next/bcm63xx', 'next/cavium',...Ralf Baechle8-86/+42
2012-07-23MIPS: Alchemy: Use kmemdup rather than duplicating its implementationThomas Meyer1-6/+4
2012-07-23MIPS: Alchemy: use IS_ENABLED() macroFlorian Fainelli3-6/+6
2012-07-23MIPS: Alchemy: handle db1200 cpld ints as they come inManuel Lauss1-4/+1
2012-07-23MIPS: Alchemy: devboards: kill prom.cManuel Lauss3-61/+31
2012-07-23MIPS: Alchemy: use 64MB RAM as minimum for devboardsManuel Lauss1-10/+1
2012-06-01Merge tag 'for-linus-3.5-20120601' of git://git.infradead.org/linux-mtdLinus Torvalds3-9/+0
2012-05-15MIPS: Fix several implicit uses of export.h/module.hPaul Gortmaker1-0/+1
2012-05-13mips: Use the plat_nand default partition parserH Hartley Sweeten3-9/+0
2012-02-20MIPS: Alchemy: Increase minimum timeout for 32kHz timer.Manuel Lauss1-1/+1
2012-01-11Merge branch 'next/alchemy' into mips-for-linux-nextRalf Baechle52-2701/+3710
2011-12-08MIPS: Alchemy: db1200: Improve PB1200 detection.Manuel Lauss1-8/+22
2011-12-08MIPS: Alchemy: merge Au1000 and Au1300-style IRQ controller code.Manuel Lauss3-587/+550
2011-12-08MIPS: Alchemy: chain IRQ controllers to MIPS IRQ controllerManuel Lauss2-49/+39
2011-12-08MIPS: Alchemy: irq: register pm at irq init timeManuel Lauss2-96/+91
2011-12-08MIPS: Alchemy: Touchscreen support on DB1100Manuel Lauss1-0/+56
2011-12-08MIPS: Alchemy: Hook up IrDA on DB1000/DB1100Manuel Lauss1-17/+57
2011-12-08MIPS: Alchemy: remove unused board headersManuel Lauss1-3/+0
2011-12-08MTD: nand: make au1550nd.c a platform_driverManuel Lauss1-0/+66
2011-12-07MIPS: irq: Remove IRQF_DISABLEDYong Zhang3-5/+4
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: Add RTC device to all devboardsManuel Lauss4-26/+11
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: MMC for DB1100Manuel Lauss1-0/+202
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: one kernel for DB1000/DB1500/DB1100Manuel Lauss5-100/+80
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: Merge PB1200 support into DB1200 code.Manuel Lauss5-507/+229
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: move au1200fb global functions to platform dataManuel Lauss3-69/+89
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: merge devboard code into single per-board files.Manuel Lauss19-748/+464
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: merge GPR/MTX-1/XXS1500 board code into single filesManuel Lauss15-555/+326
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: Improved DB1550 support, with audio and serial busses.Manuel Lauss5-75/+520
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: Basic support for the DB1300 board.Manuel Lauss5-0/+807
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: Au1300 SoC supportManuel Lauss10-3/+695
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: devboards: remove unneeded BCSR IRQ reg accManuel Lauss1-9/+2
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: Drop MIRAGE/BOSPORUS board supportManuel Lauss6-203/+3
2011-12-07MIPS: Alchemy: remove PB1000 supportManuel Lauss7-246/+1
2011-11-03Merge branch 'upstream' of git://git.linux-mips.org/pub/scm/ralf/upstream-linusLinus Torvalds24-901/+1019
2011-10-28Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tiw...Linus Torvalds2-0/+64
2011-10-24MIPS: Alchemy: remove all CONFIG_SOC_AU1??? definesManuel Lauss9-220/+319
2011-10-24MIPS: Alchemy: kill au1xxx.h headerManuel Lauss3-3/+4
2011-10-24MIPS: Alchemy: clean DMA code of CONFIG_SOC_AU1??? definesManuel Lauss5-164/+139
2011-10-24MIPS, IDE: Alchem, au1xxx-ide: Remove pb1200/db1200 header depManuel Lauss2-2/+13
2011-10-24MIPS: Alchemy: Redo PCI as platform driverManuel Lauss14-223/+340
2011-10-24MIPS: Alchemy: more base address cleanupManuel Lauss8-131/+109
2011-10-24MIPS: Alchemy: rewrite USB platform setup.Manuel Lauss1-108/+75