path: root/arch/arm/plat-omap/sram.c
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2012-01-09Merge tag 'pm' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm/arm-socLinus Torvalds1-0/+8
2011-12-08ARM: OMAP1: Update dpll1 default rate reprogramming methodJanusz Krzysztofik1-0/+3
2011-12-08ARM: OMAP1: Set the omap1623 sram size to 16KTony Lindgren1-4/+2
2011-12-08ARM: OMAP4: Fix errata i688 with MPU interconnect barriers.Santosh Shilimkar1-0/+8
2011-10-19ARM: OMAP: Map SRAM later on with ioremap_exec()Tony Lindgren1-49/+20
2011-10-19ARM: OMAP: Remove calls to SRAM allocations for framebufferTony Lindgren1-16/+0
2011-06-29ARM: pm: omap3: run the ASM sleep code from DDRJean Pihet1-10/+5
2011-05-31OMAP: SRAM: Fix warning: format '%08lx' expects type 'long unsigned int'Santosh Shilimkar1-6/+6
2011-03-17Merge branch 'omap-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/gi...Linus Torvalds1-18/+2
2011-02-17omap4: Remove 'FIXME: omap44xx_sram_init not implemented'Santosh Shilimkar1-16/+0
2011-02-04ARM: 6649/1: omap: use fncpy to copy the PM code functions to SRAMJean Pihet1-5/+9
2011-01-27omap: Start using CONFIG_SOC_OMAPTony Lindgren1-2/+2
2010-12-21OMAP2/3: PRCM: split OMAP2/3-specific PRCM code into OMAP2/3-specific filesPaul Walmsley1-2/+3
2010-12-21Merge branch 'pm-next' of ssh://master.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/kh...Tony Lindgren1-5/+2
2010-12-21OMAP2+: use global values for the SRAM PA addressesJean Pihet1-5/+2
2010-12-17Merge branch 'devel-board' into omap-for-linusTony Lindgren1-1/+1
2010-12-09OMAP1: SRAM: fix size for OMAP1611 SoCsKevin Hilman1-1/+1
2010-11-24arm: omap1: make some functions staticAaro Koskinen1-1/+1
2010-10-25Merge branch 'omap-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/gi...Linus Torvalds1-26/+11
2010-10-08OMAP: split plat-omap/common.cPaul Walmsley1-3/+0
2010-10-08OMAP: plat-omap: Fix static function warningsManjunath Kondaiah G1-12/+9
2010-09-25ARM: 6408/1: omap: Map only available sram memorySantosh Shilimkar1-20/+5
2010-09-24omap4: sram: Fix start addressVikram Pandita1-1/+1
2010-09-24omap: sram: fix is_sram_locked checkVikram Pandita1-10/+1
2010-05-04omap4: Fix multiboot with CONFIG_PM and CONFIG_ARCH_OMAP3 selectedTony Lindgren1-1/+15
2010-02-15omap3: Replace ARCH_OMAP34XX with ARCH_OMAP3Tony Lindgren1-1/+1
2010-02-15omap2: Convert ARCH_OMAP24XX to ARCH_OMAP2Tony Lindgren1-1/+1
2009-12-11OMAP4: Fix SRAM base and sizeSantosh Shilimkar1-3/+9
2009-12-09OMAP: Add VRAM managerTomi Valkeinen1-0/+8
2009-11-11OMAP3: PM: restore SRAM functions after off-mode.Rajendra Nayak1-3/+5
2009-10-20omap: headers: Move remaining headers from include/mach to include/platTony Lindgren1-4/+4
2009-10-19omap: Move SRAM map to claim more io spaceSantosh Shilimkar1-3/+3
2009-10-19omap: Split OMAP2_IO_ADDRESS to L3 and L4Santosh Shilimkar1-10/+10
2009-10-06omap: SRAM: flush the right address after memcpy in omap_sram_pushye janboe1-1/+2
2009-08-28OMAP: Remove OMAP_IO_ADDRESS, use OMAP1_IO_ADDRESS and OMAP2_IO_ADDRESS insteadTony Lindgren1-10/+10
2009-08-10Merge branch 'omap_fixes_31' of git://git.pwsan.com/linux-2.6Russell King1-12/+18
2009-08-10OMAP3: Fix omap3 sram virtual addres overlap vmalloc space after increasing v...Janboe Ye1-2/+2
2009-07-24OMAP3 SDRC: add support for 2 SDRAM chip selectsJean Pihet1-12/+18
2009-06-23OMAP3: SRAM size fix for HS/EMU devicesTero Kristo1-1/+6
2009-06-19OMAP3: Add support for DPLL3 divisor values higher than 2Tero Kristo1-3/+3
2009-06-19OMAP3 clock/SDRC: program SDRC_MR register during SDRC clock changePaul Walmsley1-3/+3
2009-06-19OMAP3 clock: add a short delay when lowering CORE clk ratePaul Walmsley1-3/+5
2009-05-28Merge branch 'omap4' into for-nextTony Lindgren1-0/+21
2009-05-28Merge branch 'omap-upstream' into for-nextTony Lindgren1-2/+2
2009-05-28ARM: OMAP4: Add minimal support for omap4Santosh Shilimkar1-0/+21
2009-05-26Merge branch 'omap-clock-upstream' of git://git.pwsan.com/linux-2.6 into for-...Tony Lindgren1-3/+13
2009-05-25ARM: OMAP: Remove useless omap_sram_error function.Santosh Shilimkar1-20/+5
2009-05-25ARM: OMAP: Increase VMALLOC_END to allow 256MB RAMMans Rullgard1-2/+2
2009-05-25ARM: OMAP: Remove useless omap_sram_error function.Santosh Shilimkar1-20/+5
2009-05-12OMAP3 clock: only unlock SDRC DLL if SDRC clk < 83MHzPaul Walmsley1-3/+4