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2012-06-04i2c: Add generic I2C multiplexer using pinctrl APIStephen Warren1-0/+93
2012-05-26Merge branch 'i2c-embedded/for-next' of git://git.pengutronix.de/git/wsa/linuxLinus Torvalds3-2/+88
2012-05-26Merge tag 'dt2' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm/arm-socLinus Torvalds1-0/+16
2012-05-14Merge branch 'dt' of git://github.com/hzhuang1/linux into next/dtArnd Bergmann1-9/+6
2012-05-13i2c: mxs: add device tree probe supportShawn Guo1-0/+16
2012-05-12I2C: xiic: Add OF binding supportLars-Peter Clausen1-0/+22
2012-05-12i2c-s3c2410: Add HDMIPHY quirk for S3C2440Karol Lewandowski1-2/+6
2012-05-12i2c/of: Automatically populate i2c mux busses from device tree data.David Daney1-0/+60
2012-05-12i2c: pnx: add device tree supportRoland Stigge1-0/+36
2012-05-05Documentation: update docs for mmp dtHaojian Zhuang1-9/+6
2012-04-22i2c: Add device tree support to i2c-pnx.cRoland Stigge1-0/+36
2012-03-27Merge tag 'dt' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm/arm-socLinus Torvalds1-0/+37
2012-03-07i2c: add CSR SiRFprimaII on-chip I2C controllers driverZhiwu Song1-0/+19
2012-03-07Document: devicetree: add OF documents for arch-mmpHaojian Zhuang1-0/+37
2012-01-17i2c: OMAP: Add DT support for i2c controllerBenoit Cousson1-0/+30
2011-12-27i2c-designware: add OF binding supportRob Herring1-0/+22
2011-12-27dt/i2c: Enumerate some of the known trivial i2c devicesOlof Johansson1-0/+58
2011-11-01Merge branches 'for-32/i2c/nomadik', 'for-32/i2c/s3c2410-dt' and 'for-32/i2c/...Ben Dooks1-0/+39
2011-10-29i2c-s3c2410: Add device tree supportThomas Abraham1-0/+39
2011-09-14i2c-imx: add device tree probe supportShawn Guo1-0/+25
2011-07-28arm/versatile: Add device tree supportGrant Likely1-0/+10
2011-02-23x86: dtb: Add a device tree for CE4100Sebastian Andrzej Siewior1-0/+93
2011-01-31dt: Move device tree documentation out of powerpc directoryGrant Likely1-0/+64