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diff --git a/drivers/staging/generic_serial/rio/rioroute.c b/drivers/staging/generic_serial/rio/rioroute.c
index f9b936ac339..8757378e832 100644
--- a/drivers/staging/generic_serial/rio/rioroute.c
+++ b/drivers/staging/generic_serial/rio/rioroute.c
@@ -450,7 +450,7 @@ int RIORouteRup(struct rio_info *p, unsigned int Rup, struct Host *HostP, struct
** we reset the unit, because we didn't boot it.
** However, if the table is full, it could be that we did boot
** this unit, and so we won't reboot it, because it isn't really
- ** all that disasterous to keep the old bins in most cases. This
+ ** all that disastrous to keep the old bins in most cases. This
** is a rather tacky feature, but we are on the edge of reallity
** here, because the implication is that someone has connected
** 16+MAX_EXTRA_UNITS onto one host.
@@ -678,7 +678,7 @@ static int RIOCheck(struct Host *HostP, unsigned int UnitId)
HostP->Mapping[UnitId].Flags &= ~BEEN_HERE;
- /* rio_dprint(RIO_DEBUG_ROUTE, ("Unit %d DOESNT KNOW THE HOST!\n", UnitId)); */
+ /* rio_dprint(RIO_DEBUG_ROUTE, ("Unit %d DOESN'T KNOW THE HOST!\n", UnitId)); */
return 0;