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diff --git a/drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_tty.c b/drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_tty.c
index 3d88f15aa21..607d846ae06 100644
--- a/drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_tty.c
+++ b/drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_tty.c
@@ -792,7 +792,7 @@ isdn_tty_suspend(char *id, modem_info * info, atemu * m)
/* isdn_tty_resume() tries to resume a suspended call
- * setup of the lower levels before that. unfortunatly here is no
+ * setup of the lower levels before that. unfortunately here is no
* checking for compatibility of used protocols implemented by Q931
* It does the same things like isdn_tty_dial, the last command
* is different, may be we can merge it.