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@@ -109,8 +109,6 @@ The following bits are safe to be set inside the guest:
If any other bit changes in the MSR, please still use mtmsr(d).
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That way we can inject an arbitrary amount of code as replacement for a single
instruction. This allows us to check for pending interrupts when setting EE=1
for example.
+Hypercall ABIs in KVM on PowerPC
+1) KVM hypercalls (ePAPR)
+These are ePAPR compliant hypercall implementation (mentioned above). Even
+generic hypercalls are implemented here, like the ePAPR idle hcall. These are
+available on all targets.
+2) PAPR hypercalls
+PAPR hypercalls are needed to run server PowerPC PAPR guests (-M pseries in QEMU).
+These are the same hypercalls that pHyp, the POWER hypervisor implements. Some of
+them are handled in the kernel, some are handled in user space. This is only
+available on book3s_64.
+3) OSI hypercalls
+Mac-on-Linux is another user of KVM on PowerPC, which has its own hypercall (long
+before KVM). This is supported to maintain compatibility. All these hypercalls get
+forwarded to user space. This is only useful on book3s_32, but can be used with
+book3s_64 as well.