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@@ -97,7 +97,8 @@ A read on the resulting file will yield either Y (for non-zero values) or
N, followed by a newline. If written to, it will accept either upper- or
lower-case values, or 1 or 0. Any other input will be silently ignored.
-Finally, a block of arbitrary binary data can be exported with:
+Another option is exporting a block of arbitrary binary data, with
+this structure and function:
struct debugfs_blob_wrapper {
void *data;
@@ -115,6 +116,35 @@ can be used to export binary information, but there does not appear to be
any code which does so in the mainline. Note that all files created with
debugfs_create_blob() are read-only.
+If you want to dump a block of registers (something that happens quite
+often during development, even if little such code reaches mainline.
+Debugfs offers two functions: one to make a registers-only file, and
+another to insert a register block in the middle of another sequential
+ struct debugfs_reg32 {
+ char *name;
+ unsigned long offset;
+ };
+ struct debugfs_regset32 {
+ struct debugfs_reg32 *regs;
+ int nregs;
+ void __iomem *base;
+ };
+ struct dentry *debugfs_create_regset32(const char *name, mode_t mode,
+ struct dentry *parent,
+ struct debugfs_regset32 *regset);
+ int debugfs_print_regs32(struct seq_file *s, struct debugfs_reg32 *regs,
+ int nregs, void __iomem *base, char *prefix);
+The "base" argument may be 0, but you may want to build the reg32 array
+using __stringify, and a number of register names (macros) are actually
+byte offsets over a base for the register block.
There are a couple of other directory-oriented helper functions:
struct dentry *debugfs_rename(struct dentry *old_dir,