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@@ -90,7 +90,6 @@ of the locking scheme for directory operations.
struct inode *(*alloc_inode)(struct super_block *sb);
void (*destroy_inode)(struct inode *);
- void (*read_inode) (struct inode *);
void (*dirty_inode) (struct inode *);
int (*write_inode) (struct inode *, int);
void (*put_inode) (struct inode *);
@@ -114,7 +113,6 @@ locking rules:
BKL s_lock s_umount
alloc_inode: no no no
destroy_inode: no
-read_inode: no (see below)
dirty_inode: no (must not sleep)
write_inode: no
put_inode: no
@@ -133,7 +131,6 @@ show_options: no (vfsmount->sem)
quota_read: no no no (see below)
quota_write: no no no (see below)
-->read_inode() is not a method - it's a callback used in iget().
->remount_fs() will have the s_umount lock if it's already mounted.
When called from get_sb_single, it does NOT have the s_umount lock.
->quota_read() and ->quota_write() functions are both guaranteed to