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- This read-only file contains a full ',' seperated list containing all
+ This read-only file contains a full ',' separated list containing all
output devices that could be available on your platform. It is likely
that not all of those have a connector on your hardware but it should
provide a good starting point to figure out which of those names match
@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ Notes:
This can happen for example if only one (the other) iga is used.
Writing to these files allows adjusting the output devices during
runtime. One can add new devices, remove existing ones or switch
- between igas. Essentially you can write a ',' seperated list of device
+ between igas. Essentially you can write a ',' separated list of device
names (or a single one) in the same format as the output to those
files. You can add a '+' or '-' as a prefix allowing simple addition
and removal of devices. So a prefix '+' adds the devices from your list