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+* Marvell Armada 370 SoC pinctrl driver for mpp
+Please refer to marvell,mvebu-pinctrl.txt in this directory for common binding
+part and usage.
+Required properties:
+- compatible: "marvell,88f6710-pinctrl"
+Available mpp pins/groups and functions:
+Note: brackets (x) are not part of the mpp name for marvell,function and given
+only for more detailed description in this document.
+name pins functions
+mpp0 0 gpio, uart0(rxd)
+mpp1 1 gpo, uart0(txd)
+mpp2 2 gpio, i2c0(sck), uart0(txd)
+mpp3 3 gpio, i2c0(sda), uart0(rxd)
+mpp4 4 gpio, cpu_pd(vdd)
+mpp5 5 gpo, ge0(txclko), uart1(txd), spi1(clk), audio(mclk)
+mpp6 6 gpio, ge0(txd0), sata0(prsnt), tdm(rst), audio(sdo)
+mpp7 7 gpo, ge0(txd1), tdm(tdx), audio(lrclk)
+mpp8 8 gpio, ge0(txd2), uart0(rts), tdm(drx), audio(bclk)
+mpp9 9 gpo, ge0(txd3), uart1(txd), sd0(clk), audio(spdifo)
+mpp10 10 gpio, ge0(txctl), uart0(cts), tdm(fsync), audio(sdi)
+mpp11 11 gpio, ge0(rxd0), uart1(rxd), sd0(cmd), spi0(cs1),
+ sata1(prsnt), spi1(cs1)
+mpp12 12 gpio, ge0(rxd1), i2c1(sda), sd0(d0), spi1(cs0),
+ audio(spdifi)
+mpp13 13 gpio, ge0(rxd2), i2c1(sck), sd0(d1), tdm(pclk),
+ audio(rmclk)
+mpp14 14 gpio, ge0(rxd3), pcie(clkreq0), sd0(d2), spi1(mosi),
+ spi0(cs2)
+mpp15 15 gpio, ge0(rxctl), pcie(clkreq1), sd0(d3), spi1(miso),
+ spi0(cs3)
+mpp16 16 gpio, ge0(rxclk), uart1(rxd), tdm(int), audio(extclk)
+mpp17 17 gpo, ge(mdc)
+mpp18 18 gpio, ge(mdio)
+mpp19 19 gpio, ge0(txclk), ge1(txclkout), tdm(pclk)
+mpp20 20 gpo, ge0(txd4), ge1(txd0)
+mpp21 21 gpo, ge0(txd5), ge1(txd1), uart1(txd)
+mpp22 22 gpo, ge0(txd6), ge1(txd2), uart0(rts)
+mpp23 23 gpo, ge0(txd7), ge1(txd3), spi1(mosi)
+mpp24 24 gpio, ge0(col), ge1(txctl), spi1(cs0)
+mpp25 25 gpio, ge0(rxerr), ge1(rxd0), uart1(rxd)
+mpp26 26 gpio, ge0(crs), ge1(rxd1), spi1(miso)
+mpp27 27 gpio, ge0(rxd4), ge1(rxd2), uart0(cts)
+mpp28 28 gpio, ge0(rxd5), ge1(rxd3)
+mpp29 29 gpio, ge0(rxd6), ge1(rxctl), i2c1(sda)
+mpp30 30 gpio, ge0(rxd7), ge1(rxclk), i2c1(sck)
+mpp31 31 gpio, tclk, ge0(txerr)
+mpp32 32 gpio, spi0(cs0)
+mpp33 33 gpio, dev(bootcs), spi0(cs0)
+mpp34 34 gpo, dev(wen0), spi0(mosi)
+mpp35 35 gpo, dev(oen), spi0(sck)
+mpp36 36 gpo, dev(a1), spi0(miso)
+mpp37 37 gpo, dev(a0), sata0(prsnt)
+mpp38 38 gpio, dev(ready), uart1(cts), uart0(cts)
+mpp39 39 gpo, dev(ad0), audio(spdifo)
+mpp40 40 gpio, dev(ad1), uart1(rts), uart0(rts)
+mpp41 41 gpio, dev(ad2), uart1(rxd)
+mpp42 42 gpo, dev(ad3), uart1(txd)
+mpp43 43 gpo, dev(ad4), audio(bclk)
+mpp44 44 gpo, dev(ad5), audio(mclk)
+mpp45 45 gpo, dev(ad6), audio(lrclk)
+mpp46 46 gpo, dev(ad7), audio(sdo)
+mpp47 47 gpo, dev(ad8), sd0(clk), audio(spdifo)
+mpp48 48 gpio, dev(ad9), uart0(rts), sd0(cmd), sata1(prsnt),
+ spi0(cs1)
+mpp49 49 gpio, dev(ad10), pcie(clkreq1), sd0(d0), spi1(cs0),
+ audio(spdifi)
+mpp50 50 gpio, dev(ad11), uart0(cts), sd0(d1), spi1(miso),
+ audio(rmclk)
+mpp51 51 gpio, dev(ad12), i2c1(sda), sd0(d2), spi1(mosi)
+mpp52 52 gpio, dev(ad13), i2c1(sck), sd0(d3), spi1(sck)
+mpp53 53 gpio, dev(ad14), sd0(clk), tdm(pclk), spi0(cs2),
+ pcie(clkreq1)
+mpp54 54 gpo, dev(ad15), tdm(dtx)
+mpp55 55 gpio, dev(cs1), uart1(txd), tdm(rst), sata1(prsnt),
+ sata0(prsnt)
+mpp56 56 gpio, dev(cs2), uart1(cts), uart0(cts), spi0(cs3),
+ pcie(clkreq0), spi1(cs1)
+mpp57 57 gpio, dev(cs3), uart1(rxd), tdm(fsync), sata0(prsnt),
+ audio(sdo)
+mpp58 58 gpio, dev(cs0), uart1(rts), tdm(int), audio(extclk),
+ uart0(rts)
+mpp59 59 gpo, dev(ale0), uart1(rts), uart0(rts), audio(bclk)
+mpp60 60 gpio, dev(ale1), uart1(rxd), sata0(prsnt), pcie(rst-out),
+ audio(sdi)
+mpp61 61 gpo, dev(wen1), uart1(txd), audio(rclk)
+mpp62 62 gpio, dev(a2), uart1(cts), tdm(drx), pcie(clkreq0),
+ audio(mclk), uart0(cts)
+mpp63 63 gpo, spi0(sck), tclk
+mpp64 64 gpio, spi0(miso), spi0-1(cs1)
+mpp65 65 gpio, spi0(mosi), spi0-1(cs2)