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+ Supporting multiple CPU idle levels in kernel
+ cpuidle governors
+cpuidle governor is policy routine that decides what idle state to enter at
+any given time. cpuidle core uses different callbacks to the governor.
+* enable() to enable governor for a particular device
+* disable() to disable governor for a particular device
+* select() to select an idle state to enter
+* reflect() called after returning from the idle state, which can be used
+ by the governor for some record keeping.
+More than one governor can be registered at the same time and
+users can switch between drivers using /sysfs interface (when enabled).
+More than one governor part is supported for developers to easily experiment
+with different governors. By default, most optimal governor based on your
+kernel configuration and platform will be selected by cpuidle.
+extern int cpuidle_register_governor(struct cpuidle_governor *gov);
+extern void cpuidle_unregister_governor(struct cpuidle_governor *gov);
+struct cpuidle_governor