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@@ -465,7 +465,6 @@ struct bio {
bio_end_io_t *bi_end_io; /* bi_end_io (bio) */
atomic_t bi_cnt; /* pin count: free when it hits zero */
void *bi_private;
- bio_destructor_t *bi_destructor; /* bi_destructor (bio) */
With this multipage bio design:
@@ -647,10 +646,6 @@ for a non-clone bio. There are the 6 pools setup for different size biovecs,
so bio_alloc(gfp_mask, nr_iovecs) will allocate a vec_list of the
given size from these slabs.
-The bi_destructor() routine takes into account the possibility of the bio
-having originated from a different source (see later discussions on
-n/w to block transfers and kvec_cb)
The bio_get() routine may be used to hold an extra reference on a bio prior
to i/o submission, if the bio fields are likely to be accessed after the
i/o is issued (since the bio may otherwise get freed in case i/o completion