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@@ -51,15 +51,14 @@ ffc00000 ffefffff DMA memory mapping region. Memory returned
ff000000 ffbfffff Reserved for future expansion of DMA
mapping region.
-VMALLOC_END feffffff Free for platform use, recommended.
- VMALLOC_END must be aligned to a 2MB
- boundary.
VMALLOC_START VMALLOC_END-1 vmalloc() / ioremap() space.
Memory returned by vmalloc/ioremap will
be dynamically placed in this region.
- VMALLOC_START may be based upon the value
- of the high_memory variable.
+ Machine specific static mappings are also
+ located here through iotable_init().
+ VMALLOC_START is based upon the value
+ of the high_memory variable, and VMALLOC_END
+ is equal to 0xff000000.
PAGE_OFFSET high_memory-1 Kernel direct-mapped RAM region.
This maps the platforms RAM, and typically