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Misc notes
-OMAP FB allocates the framebuffer memory using the OMAP VRAM allocator.
+OMAP FB allocates the framebuffer memory using the standard dma allocator. You
+can enable Contiguous Memory Allocator (CONFIG_CMA) to improve the dma
+allocator, and if CMA is enabled, you use "cma=" kernel parameter to increase
+the global memory area for CMA.
Using DSI DPLL to generate pixel clock it is possible produce the pixel clock
of 86.5MHz (max possible), and with that you get 1280x1024@57 output from DVI.
@@ -301,11 +304,6 @@ framebuffer parameters.
Kernel boot arguments
- - Amount of total VRAM to preallocate and optionally a physical start
- memory address. For example, "10M". omapfb allocates memory for
- framebuffers from VRAM.
- Default video mode for specified displays. For example,
"dvi:800x400MR-24@60". See drivers/video/modedb.c.