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@@ -61,11 +61,24 @@ nreaders This is the number of RCU reading threads supported.
To properly exercise RCU implementations with preemptible
read-side critical sections.
+ The number of seconds between each attempt to execute a
+ randomly selected CPU-hotplug operation. Defaults to
+ zero, which disables CPU hotplugging. In HOTPLUG_CPU=n
+ kernels, rcutorture will silently refuse to do any
+ CPU-hotplug operations regardless of what value is
+ specified for onoff_interval.
The number of seconds to keep the test threads affinitied
to a particular subset of the CPUs, defaults to 3 seconds.
Used in conjunction with test_no_idle_hz.
+shutdown_secs The number of seconds to run the test before terminating
+ the test and powering off the system. The default is
+ zero, which disables test termination and system shutdown.
+ This capability is useful for automated testing.
stat_interval The number of seconds between output of torture
statistics (via printk()). Regardless of the interval,
statistics are printed when the module is unloaded.