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@@ -324,12 +324,6 @@ minimum value disables backlight compensation.</entry>
(usually a microscope).</entry>
- <entry><constant>V4L2_CID_LASTP1</constant></entry>
- <entry></entry>
- <entry>End of the predefined control IDs (currently
-<constant>V4L2_CID_ILLUMINATORS_2</constant> + 1).</entry>
- </row>
- <row>
<entry>This is a read-only control that can be read by the application
@@ -345,6 +339,25 @@ and used as a hint to determine the number of OUTPUT buffers to pass to REQBUFS.
The value is the minimum number of OUTPUT buffers that is necessary for hardware
to work.</entry>
+ <row id="v4l2-alpha-component">
+ <entry><constant>V4L2_CID_ALPHA_COMPONENT</constant></entry>
+ <entry>integer</entry>
+ <entry> Sets the alpha color component on the capture device or on
+ the capture buffer queue of a mem-to-mem device. When a mem-to-mem
+ device produces frame format that includes an alpha component
+ (e.g. <link linkend="rgb-formats">packed RGB image formats</link>)
+ and the alpha value is not defined by the mem-to-mem input data
+ this control lets you select the alpha component value of all
+ pixels. It is applicable to any pixel format that contains an alpha
+ component.
+ </entry>
+ </row>
+ <row>
+ <entry><constant>V4L2_CID_LASTP1</constant></entry>
+ <entry></entry>
+ <entry>End of the predefined control IDs (currently
+ <constant>V4L2_CID_ALPHA_COMPONENT</constant> + 1).</entry>
+ </row>
@@ -3329,6 +3342,16 @@ interface and may change in the future.</para>
<entry>The short circuit protection of the flash
controller has been triggered.</entry>
+ <row>
+ <entry><constant>V4L2_FLASH_FAULT_OVER_CURRENT</constant></entry>
+ <entry>Current in the LED power supply has exceeded the limit
+ specific to the flash controller.</entry>
+ </row>
+ <row>
+ <entry><constant>V4L2_FLASH_FAULT_INDICATOR</constant></entry>
+ <entry>The flash controller has detected a short or open
+ circuit condition on the indicator LED.</entry>
+ </row>
@@ -3357,11 +3380,3 @@ interface and may change in the future.</para>
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