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authorDavid Woodhouse <dwmw2@infradead.org>2006-06-18 12:14:01 +0100
committerDavid Woodhouse <dwmw2@infradead.org>2006-06-18 12:14:01 +0100
commit8555255f0b426858d8648c6206b70eb906cf4ec7 (patch)
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Add generic Kbuild files for 'make headers_install'
This adds the Kbuild files listing the files which are to be installed by the 'headers_install' make target, in generic directories. Signed-off-by: David Woodhouse <dwmw2@infradead.org>
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diff --git a/include/asm-generic/Kbuild.asm b/include/asm-generic/Kbuild.asm
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index 00000000000..d8d0bcecd23
--- /dev/null
+++ b/include/asm-generic/Kbuild.asm
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
+unifdef-y += a.out.h auxvec.h byteorder.h errno.h fcntl.h ioctl.h \
+ ioctls.h ipcbuf.h irq.h mman.h msgbuf.h param.h poll.h \
+ posix_types.h ptrace.h resource.h sembuf.h shmbuf.h shmparam.h \
+ sigcontext.h siginfo.h signal.h socket.h sockios.h stat.h \
+ statfs.h termbits.h termios.h timex.h types.h unistd.h user.h
+# These really shouldn't be exported
+unifdef-y += atomic.h io.h
+# These probably shouldn't be exported
+unifdef-y += elf.h page.h