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xfs: kill xfs_read_buf()
xfs_read_buf() is effectively the same as xfs_trans_read_buf() when called outside a transaction context. The error handling is slightly different in that xfs_read_buf stales the errored buffer it gets back, but there is probably good reason for xfs_trans_read_buf() for doing this. Hence update xfs_trans_read_buf() to the same error handling as xfs_read_buf(), and convert all the callers of xfs_read_buf() to use the former function. We can then remove xfs_read_buf(). Signed-off-by: Dave Chinner <dchinner@redhat.com> Reviewed-by: Christoph Hellwig <hch@lst.de> Reviewed-by: Mark Tinguely <tinguely@sgi.com> Signed-off-by: Ben Myers <bpm@sgi.com>
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