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authorDave Chinner <david@fromorbit.com>2011-09-18 20:40:56 +0000
committerAlex Elder <aelder@sgi.com>2011-10-11 21:15:05 -0500
commitbaf41a52b9c62f9a825371806129ed12e2c1e2d8 (patch)
tree18779d98f2e82d24bdda9252d003960f474d4049 /fs/xfs/xfs_bmap.h
parent1b16447ba24ae39c7fe7133fcdcb4f174dec1901 (diff)
xfs: move extent records into bmalloca structure
Rather that putting extent records on the stack and then pointing to them in the bmalloca structure which is in the same stack frame, put the extent records directly in the bmalloca structure. This reduces the number of args that need to be passed around. Signed-off-by: Dave Chinner <dchinner@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: Christoph Hellwig <hch@lst.de> Signed-off-by: Alex Elder <aelder@sgi.com>
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/fs/xfs/xfs_bmap.h b/fs/xfs/xfs_bmap.h
index be235f56d2a..6e8f8aee7cd 100644
--- a/fs/xfs/xfs_bmap.h
+++ b/fs/xfs/xfs_bmap.h
@@ -114,8 +114,8 @@ typedef struct xfs_bmalloca {
xfs_fileoff_t off; /* offset in file filling in */
struct xfs_trans *tp; /* transaction pointer */
struct xfs_inode *ip; /* incore inode pointer */
- struct xfs_bmbt_irec *prevp; /* extent before the new one */
- struct xfs_bmbt_irec *gotp; /* extent after, or delayed */
+ struct xfs_bmbt_irec prev; /* extent before the new one */
+ struct xfs_bmbt_irec got; /* extent after, or delayed */
xfs_extlen_t alen; /* i/o length asked/allocated */
xfs_extlen_t total; /* total blocks needed for xaction */
xfs_extlen_t minlen; /* minimum allocation size (blocks) */