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authorTheodore Ts'o <tytso@mit.edu>2012-05-30 22:56:46 -0400
committerTheodore Ts'o <tytso@mit.edu>2012-05-30 22:56:46 -0400
commit2c0544b23568674efba22532e1f25fb62ce10163 (patch)
treeb3da7424fc1aa1a69ec5c5c6ae6bbd7a74456364 /fs/ext4/ext4.h
parent6f2e9f0e7d795214b9cf5a47724a273b705fd113 (diff)
ext4: add debugging trigger for ext4_error()
Make it easy to test whether or not the error handling subsystem in ext4 is working correctly. This allows us to simulate an ext4_error() by echoing a string to /sys/fs/ext4/<dev>/trigger_fs_error. Signed-off-by: "Theodore Ts'o" <tytso@mit.edu> Cc: ksumrall@google.com
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diff --git a/fs/ext4/ext4.h b/fs/ext4/ext4.h
index 511011a1e85..decc15d1b4b 100644
--- a/fs/ext4/ext4.h
+++ b/fs/ext4/ext4.h
@@ -1197,6 +1197,7 @@ struct ext4_sb_info {
struct proc_dir_entry *s_proc;
struct kobject s_kobj;
struct completion s_kobj_unregister;
+ struct super_block *s_sb;
/* Journaling */
struct journal_s *s_journal;