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authorGeunSik Lim <leemgs1@gmail.com>2009-06-02 15:01:37 +0900
committerGreg Kroah-Hartman <gregkh@suse.de>2009-06-15 21:30:28 -0700
commit156f5a7801195fa2ce44aeeb62d6cf8468f3332a (patch)
treedd506816ca6f14bb650189aa364eb0a2f51ad5cc /drivers/scsi/lpfc/lpfc_debugfs.c
parent1b713e00500c6f03317742981674e89a21629399 (diff)
debugfs: Fix terminology inconsistency of dir name to mount debugfs filesystem.
Many developers use "/debug/" or "/debugfs/" or "/sys/kernel/debug/" directory name to mount debugfs filesystem for ftrace according to ./Documentation/tracers/ftrace.txt file. And, three directory names(ex:/debug/, /debugfs/, /sys/kernel/debug/) is existed in kernel source like ftrace, DRM, Wireless, Documentation, Network[sky2]files to mount debugfs filesystem. debugfs means debug filesystem for debugging easy to use by greg kroah hartman. "/sys/kernel/debug/" name is suitable as directory name of debugfs filesystem. - debugfs related reference: http://lwn.net/Articles/334546/ Fix inconsistency of directory name to mount debugfs filesystem. * From Steven Rostedt - find_debugfs() and tracing_files() in this patch. Signed-off-by: GeunSik Lim <geunsik.lim@samsung.com> Acked-by : Inaky Perez-Gonzalez <inaky@linux.intel.com> Reviewed-by : Steven Rostedt <rostedt@goodmis.org> Reviewed-by : James Smart <james.smart@emulex.com> CC: Jiri Kosina <trivial@kernel.org> CC: David Airlie <airlied@linux.ie> CC: Peter Osterlund <petero2@telia.com> CC: Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli <ananth@in.ibm.com> CC: Anil S Keshavamurthy <anil.s.keshavamurthy@intel.com> CC: Masami Hiramatsu <mhiramat@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <gregkh@suse.de>
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diff --git a/drivers/scsi/lpfc/lpfc_debugfs.c b/drivers/scsi/lpfc/lpfc_debugfs.c
index 2b02b1fb39a..8d0f0de76b6 100644
--- a/drivers/scsi/lpfc/lpfc_debugfs.c
+++ b/drivers/scsi/lpfc/lpfc_debugfs.c
@@ -53,8 +53,7 @@
* debugfs interface
* To access this interface the user should:
- * # mkdir /debug
- * # mount -t debugfs none /debug
+ * # mount -t debugfs none /sys/kernel/debug
* The lpfc debugfs directory hierarchy is:
* lpfc/lpfcX/vportY