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authorJan Beulich <JBeulich@suse.com>2011-12-22 09:08:13 +0000
committerKonrad Rzeszutek Wilk <konrad.wilk@oracle.com>2012-01-04 17:01:17 -0500
commit73db144b58a32fc39733db6a7e1fe582072ad26a (patch)
treef03edee848be5aa085c30d493c02a5ee1b8fc3da /drivers/block/xen-blkback
parent2e16341438c9eca15a2e0bb2ad8555bbdf24b86d (diff)
Xen: consolidate and simplify struct xenbus_driver instantiation
The 'name', 'owner', and 'mod_name' members are redundant with the identically named fields in the 'driver' sub-structure. Rather than switching each instance to specify these fields explicitly, introduce a macro to simplify this. Eliminate further redundancy by allowing the drvname argument to DEFINE_XENBUS_DRIVER() to be blank (in which case the first entry from the ID table will be used for .driver.name). Also eliminate the questionable xenbus_register_{back,front}end() wrappers - their sole remaining purpose was the checking of the 'owner' field, proper setting of which shouldn't be an issue anymore when the macro gets used. v2: Restore DRV_NAME for the driver name in xen-pciback. Signed-off-by: Jan Beulich <jbeulich@suse.com> Cc: Jens Axboe <axboe@kernel.dk> Cc: Dmitry Torokhov <dmitry.torokhov@gmail.com> Cc: Florian Tobias Schandinat <FlorianSchandinat@gmx.de> Cc: Ian Campbell <ian.campbell@citrix.com> Cc: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net> Signed-off-by: Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk <konrad.wilk@oracle.com>
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/block/xen-blkback/xenbus.c b/drivers/block/xen-blkback/xenbus.c
index f759ad4584c..edbb69ebdf2 100644
--- a/drivers/block/xen-blkback/xenbus.c
+++ b/drivers/block/xen-blkback/xenbus.c
@@ -787,17 +787,14 @@ static const struct xenbus_device_id xen_blkbk_ids[] = {
-static struct xenbus_driver xen_blkbk = {
- .name = "vbd",
- .owner = THIS_MODULE,
- .ids = xen_blkbk_ids,
+static DEFINE_XENBUS_DRIVER(xen_blkbk, ,
.probe = xen_blkbk_probe,
.remove = xen_blkbk_remove,
.otherend_changed = frontend_changed
int xen_blkif_xenbus_init(void)
- return xenbus_register_backend(&xen_blkbk);
+ return xenbus_register_backend(&xen_blkbk_driver);